Restoration Works / Bad paint, shady workmanship

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I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and give small business a chance. So I had been looking to get my car painted and found a restoration place on craigslist. He advertised his complete restoration service, even showing pictures of his work. Arrived at the shop checked some stuff out and I was satisfied with the quality so I gave him the car to paint for me. Color came out not matching, and even did some damage to one of the side skirts on my car. He did offer to respray for huge discount, but he tried to cover up the damage part with the color he had sprayed. Found out when I got the car back and took it home to wash it that the panel had come of and been scratched. Called him immediately and asked what had happened. He offered no apology for the damage and had no response when I asked why wasn't I told about it. Just wanted to let people know to beware of this person.


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