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I used to be a regular customer to this restaurant. Every week, I will visit there 2-3 times a week for lunch. And to the extend, I have introduced and brought lots of customers to that shop. All the while was okay until few days ago when the nightmare happened! The old couple who are the owner of the shop used to be friendly and okay until lately I found out a total different people they are. I ordered Fish Ball Soup and my friend ordered Laksa. However, after my third bite, i noticed something black in colour floating in the soup! To my horror, it was a cockroach in the SOUP!!! My usual reaction I would shout and quickly take photo of it and give a piece of my mind to the owner. But this time, i remain calm and asked the waitress to call for the lady boss. She came over and took a look at it. Instead of saying sorry, she said it is normal to find fly, hair and even cockroach in the food. Can never prevent that and to the extend she said big restaurant like Eden also have that problem when she visited the restaurant last time! Due to I was the regular customer there, I did not make a big fuss about it. After my friend finished her meal, we went over to counter to pay for the food. I just talked to the guy boss and asked them to be careful about it. I told him, if others, they would have report this case. I was so shocked on how the owner reacted after I talked to him nicely. Instead of saying sorry, he shouted at me saying if I want to report, just go ahead. He said its normal to have such thing in the food and can't prevent it. He said even if I report to authority, they can't do much cause this is Malaysia!! How could he say that? Are we Malaysian deserve to eat fly, cockroach etc in our food? Just because we are Malaysian, the quality and cleanliness of the food should be compromised? He even showed me that he got Grade A by authority for cleanliness of his shop so he has nothing to be afraid of. Gosh! If you guys do not mind your food cleanliness being compromised, then you all can go ahead continue visit the shop. I just can't believe that I was the victim that just ate the cockroach soup served by them yet I get scolded and shouted at! Most probably the food there taste nicer due to the 'extra' ingredient that i saw. So good luck to all of you who still insist on visiting that shop ever again!

Restaurant Well Cook Gourmet

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