Restaral/BiolabsFraudlent charges

I fell for this. I watched 60 minutes and thought this might be a product that really worked. For 99 cents, it sounded too good to be true. What is NOT true are the order taker and the fraudulent charges. For what should have been a 99 cents charge, I noticed that I was charged $49.95 one month and 2 weeks later $87.13. When I called the number shown on my charge card, I talked to someone that barely spoke English. She had to repeat everything about 5 times. Then I was told that I did not return the item within my 15 day cancellation period. I told her that I received NOTHING when the product arrived. No product info, no return label, no number to reach them. How was I supposed to know what there return policy was? She told me that I could only return one of the items and had to wait 30 days to return the other product (that I never ordered in the 1st place). How do people get away with this?


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