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Here's the scoop. The company has thousands and thousands of sheets with peoples information on it regarding their timeshare. They either purchased this information from resorts who sell the owners information or they happened to scam these people under a differenct company name in the past. They used to be known as GLOBAL TIMESHARE and I believe WORLDWIDE TIMESHARE as well as RESORTS CONDOS PLUS. Why would a company change their name so much? Here's why. They randomly pick peoples sheets and call them telling them they have someone who wants to buy their timeshare. They then make up whatever lies they have to in order to get the person to give up their credit card info. For example they may say that it goes towards closing costs, or its illegal to start a sale before payment is processed, or even that you are paying for all the advertising they've done for your timeshare over time. Because you most likely have talked to them before but they were operating under a different company name, they just dont tell you that. Then they pretend like they are nothing like that other company and assure the sale even though its the same people. Notice they won't usually tell you a date of when they originally talked to you because then if you go back and look at your credit card statements you will see it was a different company name you paid money to. So once they've got your credit card info, they then tell you a number of lies to get you to go through the government verification. This is where someone asks you questions getting you to say exactly opposite of what the rep told you so that if anyone accuses them of being a scam they have you on recording pretty much stating otherwise.
### I know. So once this has all happened they tell you some more lies like they will send your check in the mail right away or the process will take a few months. Whatever the case is they usually stall you or avoid your calls for up to 90 days because that's the time limit for most credit card companies to allow you to reverse a charge. So then youre just screwed. Once they get too many complaints or people start catching on all they have to do is CHANGE THEIR BUSINESS name and they get a fresh start.

They also lie about where they operate out of. They have operated out of "Texas" " California" "Kansas" and so on. Look it up. They do all their calling from Skype so they can get area codes and number from whatever city and state they want so you really think they are calling from where they say. They also change offices and addresses in ORLANDO FLORIDA just as a "safety precaution" They also have people that work there go on these sites and write GOOD reviews about the company to trick any people who are smart and actually doing research before they give out their credit card information. When I first started I did it the honest way and wasnt making much money, then I got wind of others in the office doing it how I described above and I was appauled. They have taken people's retirement funds, college funds, money for medical bills, you name it. I believe part of the reason they havent been shut down is because unlike other fraudulent timeshare companies they do actually advertise people's timeshares on their website so that part is legit. But I can tell you this RARELY do people actually get their timeshares sold ( especially in this economy, I mean get real people) and its even more rare for people to get what they are asking for it. So if you want to waste your money and get treated like ### by these people go right ahead. I hope they get shut down!!!

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  • Bo
      7th of Feb, 2011

    This is probably one of the biggest set of scam artists out there. These are the same people that have run Global Timeshares, resort condos plus, worldwide timeshares among some of their company websites. They start a new website every now and than so they can go back through their old customer databases and try to sign those people up again after about a year. They are located at 111 Gatlin Ave. Orlando, FL 32806, they used to be at 8046 Presidents Drive #B Orlando, FL 32809. The new company is listed under Kelly McNally and Marcel Hidalgo, but the real mastermind behind this scam is Joe Rogewitz. Their Telemarking license number is TC3664, anyone who has been scammed needs to go and file a complaint at the website of . The corp info is listed under Resort Advertising Professionals, Inc. Whatever you do, DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE ANYTHING, YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF. IF YOU PAID THEM, CONTACT YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY IMMEDIATELY AND FILE COMPLAINTS WITH THE AG'S OFFICE AT

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