Resort Reservation Services / fraud

1 United States

Watch out for these scammers, they are truly among the lowest forms of life. I made the mistake of signing up for this bogus travel service, but quickly learned. I cancelled my service several times by letter and they still charged my monthly fee to my account. I notified them to stop or else, they just changed the name or the processor to charge it again and again. They admit to finding me in an inactive file and to receiving my calcellation notices, they also agreed to refund my money because they did not want to do anything "illegal". They then told me it was a mistake that was made when they aquired or bought elite escapes contracts, and that the board was issueing a check to be mailed in 48 to 72 hours, I have received nothing from them and now wont take or return my phone calls. Also they now send me emails of their specials again to make it look like I'm a member. I opted out when the companies merged or whatever also. Everything they have told me from the front desk to the manager Debbie has been one lie after another, and they expect me to beleive that the accountant did not notice extra money being collected every month from an inactive account? Please help me report this kind of unethical business behavior, I cant beleive this happens in America. They have got me for $3500+ total now and I am sure I am not alone.

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