Resort Motors / Too much in a hurry to try make a sale

I took my daughter this afternoon to purchase her 1st car. We saw one at Resort Motors in Rietfontein Rd Boksburg, we stopped there at approx 5.25 and she went to the offices to ask about the car she had seen as she wanted to know the model of the car. She was met by a very rude young guy (didnt have a name badge unfortunately) to which she told him she was interested in the particular car and what model was it. He replied 'Cant help you now we are closing' she said she had to step back from the smell of alcohol on his breath. She said ive driven far i just want to know the model pls, she pointed the car out to him and he said its a 2001 ford fiesta but u wont get finance for it and turned his back on her. Firstly why is he drinking during office hours?????? Who the hell is he to assume she wont get finance she could be paying cash for all he knew!!! I will go there again tomorrow to report this matter to the manager as i find it disgusting!!! is a salesman not there to sell or is he there to turn his back on you to get another drink??? So if you live on the East Rand and looking for a car DONT GO TO RESORT MOTORS by E.G. Jansen High School !!!

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