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I have been sent a dossier on this one by a punter who saw the light and decided to bale out - both for moral reasons (no, dont laugh!) and more importantly to him perhaps, for financial reasons - he having thrown away £1000 into this scam with absolutely no return at all on his investment and little prospect of any sort of return.

because i an so incredibly tied up right now with those fradusters at office response and their partner in crime, simon j hill of barnsley and cyberspace - i won't be able to look into this one for a while, probably

i am starting this thread off now so that, hopefully, you good people can share with us what you know about these crooks

i can tell you that there is a guy called jim morsley (?) who is in birmingham IIRC. - a typical lippy, arrogant, bull****ting conman. the yobbo is already threatening to 'sue the ### of me' - and i am only just warming up - always a good sign!

morsley : [protected]

[i will come back and add to this list of names later, but i am hoping that you can furnish us with details of other players -ian]

the scam seems to involve the punter paying £20 to be a 'member' and then
being persuaded to pay £60 a month to become a 'super' member or something - when they then get a business newsletter which they can sell on by essentially getting people below them in the er pyramid / recruitment tree / money tree etc

the quality of the information inn the newsletter thing is pretty crap - bearing in mind the huge amount of good free business information you can get from your local library, enterprise agency or simply off the net - and is certainly not worth anything like £60 pounds a month

this, of course, does not really matter, as - like all of these scams - the actual vehicle for the scam becomes almost irrelevant.

it is the prospect of building a downline - ie recruiting loads suckers below you - thus making you incredibly rich - which is the appeal of all of these cons - including all of simon hill's scams; such as the current office response 'mega wealth academy' get-rich-quick garbage!

there is a strong tie in betweeen residual riches and dodgy mailing list companies suh as steetwise bloody marketing and hilite (the budding conman's best friends!)

i bet that, in their direct mailshots, simon hill and office response target their suckers - sorry, i mean 'opportunity seekers' - using lists obtained from streetwise 'tree destroyers' marketing!

anyway, that's about the sum total of my knoledge of this particular scam so far.


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