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Residential Email / Fraud!

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Phone: 800-460-0078

I have a very similar experience to others reporting on Residential Email. I noticed an unexpected charge of $14.95 on my Frontier bill from ESBI billed on behalf of Residential Email. I called the 800 number provided and told the customer service rep that I had no idea what this charge was for. The rep told me that I had signed up for the service on the internet and then went into a sales pitch on how great the service was. The web site provided was totally unknown to me. The email account that signed me up for the service was BOGUS.

Apparently, anyone can sign you up for the service by providing bogus contact information and YOUR phone number. It is not clear whether Residential Email is doing this as part of a fraud scheme or whether some jokester is randomly using other people's phone numbers and signing them up for the service. Residential Email (RE) agreed to stop billing and to apply a credit in 2-3 billing cycles. Of course, I have to pay my phone bill so RE and the phone company get the benefit of the float.

I also called Frontier and all they would do was put a comment in their system next to the charge indicating that I had called and that RE was going to provide a credit in the future. Isn't that nice!

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  • Br
      7th of Feb, 2008
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    I too got a bill like this on my phone from thsi company. Its a scam. Called ATT and they said that was my responsibility to fix it. i donot see how they would allow it to go through. RE said that they would give the credit.

  • Pa
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    Interestingly, I just hung up from a similar call to Embarqmai. I got the same "song 'n dance" about having signed up for it, the story about how useful, how much I could save, the benefits, etc. I paid the $14.95 last month and was billed again this supposedly I am to get a refund. We'll see.

  • Jb
      9th of Dec, 2008
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    Residential Email - Charging for services
    Residential Email, LLC
    United States

    I noticed a charge for $14.95 on my phone bill as I was attempting to terminate my service. ATT requested that I contact Residential Email, LLC to discuss the charges. I have requested that Residential Email, LLC deactivate my account and refund the $14.95 to ATT. I never signed up for this service and have no idea how they got my information.

    I am supposedly receiving a confirmation email that the account is terminated, but I have not recieved it.

  • Vl
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    This also happened to me today. I called Qwest and they credited me immediately. I called ESBI, and got a sales pitch. They claim someone named Mary signed up using my number, and said maybe she entered a wrong digit. Bull!

    To cancel my account, they wanted other identifying information about me, which I refused t give them.

  • Do
      2nd of May, 2009
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    I had the same thing happen to me. A note on my phone bill that they were billing for the service which I did not sign up for. Same response from the Residential Email LLC representative. I did receive an email confirming that my "service" had been terminated. Will look for the refund in the next billing cycle.

  • Jo
      8th of May, 2009
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    My experience with AT&T and Residential Email, LLC just started this past month. RE said they would send me an email confirming my cancellation of their service, but nothing yet. Thank God for all the consumers out there providing feedback.

  • Po
      29th of May, 2009
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    Just happened to me yesterday: I discovered a charge of 14.95 plus 37 cents tax from Residential Email Services on my recent ATT bill. I called 800 number provided on my bill and asked them, how they got me singed up. The " representative" who's name was Naideen told me that the account with all my personal information was opened via email. The email address was [protected] (never had an account with them. I was supposed to get a cancellation email, but never did. How is it possible that such scam companies can charge you on ATT bill?!

  • As
      23rd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I got the same damn thing! And on top of it all I got reemed by my boy friend to stop signing up for ###, well I had told him that I didnt sign up for anything!!! Which I didnt! I had no idea. I was however doing online surveys and stuff, I was not signing up or giving permission to anyone to bill me for anything. But we too had that $15.00 bill added onto our phone bill. My boyfriend called and cursed them out and they emediatly turned down and told him they would credit our account. I dont think they did that yet, but today I recieved a "Check" thanking me for shopping with Residential Email, for $2.48, what the hell??? Im not cashing it, because I am sure its a scam for them to get my SS# or something. I cant get over how these people can get away with this ###!

  • Ze
      18th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Same [censor] with me too. I just got finished submitting a complaint with the FCC. How are these people doing this? I have never signed up for another email...why would I pay a monthly fee for one when there are so many web-based freebie emails?, msn, google, etc.
    How did they get my phone #? And how can they legally charge anyone for nothing? How can someone bill you for something without a written signature or a credit card? If that's the case then...let's start a "Gary's Farts Inc." I get a number at random out of the phone book, set up a bogus website and send my $14.95 charge for a ordered fart by Randy Rectum to his local telephone company! WooHoo...let's get rich, all I gotta do is eat lotsa beans and thumb thru the white pages!
    Freakin' [censor]!

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