reservtrol ultramoney back?


I wanted to try the free trial of reservtrol ultra for 99 cents for 15 days. I never received my trial ordered on Aug 3, 2009. On Aug. 17, 2009, my acct was billed for 87.13. It hadn't even been 15 days. The product came a few days later(after the 15-day trial was up and I was charged 87.13), so I sent it back refused. Now on Aug, 26 2009, they have billed me again 87.13. I called and cancelled and the lady said I can't get my money back even though I sent the product back 10 days ago. And why am I billed for 2 bottles in one month?This seems like a scam. I just ordered on Aug 3, 2009. I want my money back now. Thank you, Sandy Spencer, po box 1262, Morganton, nc 28680

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