Reserve America / / Scam/Fraud

CA, United States

I too was signed up for without my consent. Why does the government allow this company to handle the reservations for our state parks anyway? If I hadn't seen the email form right away and emailed them right away to cancel the subscription that I hadn't even signed up for I would be getting charged every year! If you only have one choice for reserving a camp site then you should not be subjected to this kind of scam! Also, their booking system is unfair. If you don't have the fasted computer then you don't have a chance of ever reserving a camp site in some of the more popular locations that you have to reserve 6 months in advance. With their stupid 2 day cancellation policy they people who do get the reservation only have to cancel within 2 days! Who has time to plan a trip if the place you want to go is only available 2 days in advance!!! RESERVE AMERICA SUCKS!!! Please do something about this stupid company.

Feb 15, 2013

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