reseratrolunauthorized withdrawal from account


I ordered online for a trial of reseratrol. I did not authorize them to withdraw another months supply at a cost of $87.13. I did not even contact them to tell them that I wanted to continue the use of Reseratrol. I am very disappointed that they use people like that. I am 68 years old and cannot continue to have that much money withdrawn from my account. I have tried repeatedly to contact them and find out how to return the unauthorized bottle of Reseratrol and all I seem to get is a busy signal. I am very angry and would never have ordered the trial size at a cost of $.99 had I known that they were going to continue to use me in a way like this. I wish to have them contact me and if they do not I will find a way to sue them for false information. If there is anyway you can help me please let me know on this website. Thank you. Marge in Missouri

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