Research Group / Alert, stay away from these people

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Alert stay away from these people! This company will mail out post card says: TIME SENSITIVE NOTICE! We have previously advised you of the refund due you. Please accept this notice that a portion of this amount will no longer be refundable if you do not act within the grace preriod to receive it. Please call now to prevent you losing you money and/or rebate- Research Group- Call [protected] -M-F 8:30am - 5:30 pm- Se Habla Espanol.

They mail this out to people that have not done filed the home exemption in the State of Texas they trick people in believing that they entailed to certain dollar amount when in reality it’s double and they are pocketing the other half of your money! Alert stay away from this theivs all you need to do is go to the appraisal district and file the application yourself you entitle to 2 years back taxes..

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