Reputation Thrusters / SPAMMER

1 AR, United States

This company is going to new websites' "Contact Us" forms and sending UNSOLICITED EMAILS (SPAM!) . . . after affirming that they understand such behavior is illegal in light of the CAN SPAM act (they can't send the email unless they affirm they are not spammers and understand the afformentioned).

The problem is, they are helping misbehaving companies to "protect" their reputation online by claiming that they can have negative reports to this board removed . . . thus protecting a crook's reputation. You must have character before it can be defamed.

This site also claims to be an SEO master. In case you didn't know, SEO IS A SCAM!!! The average person can accomplish the same results with minimal effort.

Now, let em clean up this report . . . I'm willing to appear in court. THEY know who I am, we have already spoken.

The attached photo is the standard of all of my sites. The box must be checked before they can submit the email, so they had been warned.

Reputation Thrusters


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