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This place is a nightmare. The owner Micheal is a smooth talker. He will draw you in and pick your pocket for everything you have. The mechanic John is incompetent and does not posses the knowledge to work on a bicycle yet alone a Jeep. Johns work is substandard and his attitude appalling. I have had substantial repairs performed at Republic and spent thousands. Each time I left after recovering my vehicle it ran worse then it did when I brought it in. I believe many of the parts repaired on my Jeep may have been replaced with used junk parts and many might have been comprimised to fail at a later time. I do not trust the ethics of this buisness.



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      Jul 16, 2013

    I agree that they swap parts off your car and replace them with junk parts the same thing happend to me at this place a few years back. The owner is worthless and a liar, thief and cheat. I have talked to several people about this place and they all have had the same problems that me and you have had .

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  • 8
      Dec 11, 2015

    They will rip you off, that is what they do. I had a 'rebuilt' jeep engine put in. It leaked oil, had almost zero oil pressure and had to be replaced within the year. They will take your money with a smile on their faces, but if you go in with a genuine concern, you will get the bums rush out the door, and I am talking forcibly pushed out the door.

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