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REPTILE COMMUNITY BEWARE! THIS IS FACTUAL INFORMATION ON Shaun Sumner and Andrew Gomez (aka) Drew the Entertainer on Youtube (aka) Serpent Sity Exotics on facebook from Bayshore, NY and Shaun Sumner of Munster Indiana (aka) Reptile Haven on Facebook, (aka) SMS Reptiles on facebook, (aka), and Facebook Page Say No to Ballbids. Both have been working underhandedly and in unison by LYING on the internet simply to harm another company ( Gomez is an Administrator on the Say No to Ballbids facebook page. Gomez lies about others on the net because of his personal dependence on getting new “Likes” on his Facebook page and getting more attention to his Youtube channel which is filled with videos that prove his complete lack of character and intellect . Gomez says on the internet he is a graduate from Harvard University and neither a High School Diploma nor a GED has been proven. Shaun Sumner is a “Lemming” that is too unintelligent to know better and “follows the loud mouthed liars off the cliff”. Both have LIED and MISINFORMED anyone who would listen, or who would read their illicit comments on Facebook and on the Internet. They open fake accounts and comment negatively with their lies on the internet, and they use FREE internet sites like this to falsely post illegitimate complaints about, the owner, and the Family Members of the Owner. They have been involved with persons openly posting on the Say No page the “HOW TOO’s “on interfering with Business Internet Server, going so far as to post INSTRUCTIONS on ways to interfere with the auction timers. Their friend Rich Kedzeirski Jr (aka), owner of a computer repair company in Maine and who Shaun Sumner says the community is aware that Kedzierski stole high end Morphs from BHB, and yet he was still their guidance for those illicit computer prompts they posted on his page in their open conspiracy to "Take Down Ballbids". All supportive documentation is readily available on Say Yes to Ballbids or Facebook page. All three mentioned are Internet Forum Junkies and I will be posting additional documented factual information as is required.

Apr 11, 2013
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      Apr 13, 2013

    Beware! In addition to all of Shaun Sumner's (Munster Indiana) fake names and fake accounts used to post his hateful and false information on the internet he also uses the facebook page!/sumnerexpediting?fref=ts. Unfortunately he has uses legitimate businesses names for some of his fake internet trolling accounts so please be cautious of this when seeing those names on the internet and we apologize to those legitimate businesses for again having to post those names in response to his lies. More factual documentation can be seen on links from the Say Yes To Ballbids Facebook page.

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      Apr 16, 2013

    Here is the real information relating to this Hate Group and the complete Debunking of their alleged primary excuse for their lying campaign against This is a cut and paste but the original can be viewed at the Say Yes to Ballbids Facebook Page along with LOTS of other information about their lies: They ### and complain about Ballbids "...doing this at the animals expense..." That is the worst argument they can think of? HA. Lets explore that excuse for a bit.

    Where do you think that Ballbids gets the snakes they auction from? Hmmm?

    From breeders. Who are the breeders? They know EXACTLY who they are. And they know damn well that the breeders that Ballbids is buying from are respected. And that those breeders produce well cared for animals.

    Part of that lame argument is the fact that Ballbids doesn't actually posses the snake. Everyone KNOWS that, and everyone KNOWs WHERE the snakes come from. This shows that Ballbids actually DOES care for the animals in the fact that they let the breeders keep and ship the snake to BB's winners.

    This BS excuse of Ballbids don't care about the welfare of the animal is just that, a BS excuse.

    It has NEVER been about the animals and they know it. It is a hate filled campaign against the owner of Ballbids, plain and simple.
    Its even been said by more than a few of their supporters that if a big breeder would start a penny auction, just like Ballbids did, that they would support it.

    I have the ss's of those statements.

    So it all boils down to this:

    They dont like the owner of Ballbids personally. They hate the fact that he will not "cooperate" with them. They hate the fact that they cannot stop him and they hated the fact that Ballbids is in business with trusted breeders and that those breeders regard that group as insignificant nobodys.

    Just look thru thier FB page and see for yourself that the BS argument about Ballbids "...doing this at the animals expense..." is nothing more than another lie of that hate group.

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      Aug 18, 2013

    The internet forum junkie ### who have no life continue to spread lies and innuendo. Shaun Sumner and Andrew Gomez along with Joseph Haggard Junior, a punk from from Illinois have been caught in their lies many times over but it doesn't seem to embarrass them. All are sociopaths and are totally disgusting useless people going nowhere in life except for within their internet forum world and only in their own minds. Sadly sick to see. Know who you are dealing with here and at all reptile functions. These people can not be trusted. More pictures to follow.

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