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I would never recommend doing business with this site. I was shopping around for a baby tortoise to add to my family and stumbled upon this website. The price they had listed seemed to be very nice, combine that with free shipping (reptiles normally are shipped for between 25 and 50 dollars!!) I was eager to buy from them. The only problem was all their baby tortoises were out of stock. I contacted by email and was told they would search for one. They found one a few days later, after I finally contacted to ask if they had found one yet because they had not contacted me back. I was thrilled and called right away. To my shock they had tacked on an extra 60 dollars to the price of the tortoise, bringing the price to 250 dollars for the single tortoise. I felt that I had to purchase the tortoise because of all the work I assumed they had done to track down a tortoise for me. I gave them the 250 dollars. I then did not hear from them for almost another week, delays and not being able to communicate with the breeder they said. I was furious. They eventually did email me and say that my tortoise was being shipped, but unbeknownst to me, they had him shipped 2nd day air, which meant he would be in the cold october weather for 2 days instead of just overnight. I paid SIXTY extra dollars and they STILL couldn't ship my tortoise overnight?!?! When he arrived he was very cold, not moving, on his back, I literally thought he was dead, they had not packed a heating pack in the box so he'd been at the mercy of the weather (this is a desert animal that needs temps in the 80's and 90's to live, the temps at night were in the low 40s!) He was also covered in his own poo because they had fed him apparently right before he left, and they had put a wet paper towel in the box with him, so he was cold, dirty and wet. Worst of all, this "baby" tortoise I was supposed to get, turned out to be a poor little one year old tortoise with a bad case of shell pyramidding and runny eyes. These are indications of very very bad care at his breeder's home. The wrong kind of food, the wrong kind of heat and light, the wrong everything! None of the supplies I bought were big enough for him, I expected a 1.5 to 2 inch BABY and got a 3.5 inch yearling! I will ALSO now have to replace 70 dollars worth of supplies.

In all, this place has cost me 250 for a tortoise, 75 for vet visits that still aren't over because of his condition, 70 for supplies and another 70 when I have to replace them again! so a "189 dollar" tortoise turns into a 465 dollar nightmare. Learn from my mistake, NEVER use this company.


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