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Ok how can i even begin to express and share the most violating, emotionally, mentally, and physical trauma and stress that i have been going through as we speak!! So I will try and make this complaint as short, detailed, and simple right to the point as best as I can! So I am a new resident to las vegas, nevada from hawaii to finish some school for my career goals and start fresh after a long emotional trial of the recent passing of my young father that lost a battle with liver cancer:( I received a small token of sentimental piece and value from my father which was a brand new 2012 Nissan Frontier fully loaded truck paid in full $42, 000 then a transport on Matson to ship and relocate to las vegas to finish school and carry out my goals! Made a very bad judgement and decision and being unfamiliar with the term title loan borrowing. My so called friends were in a bind in desperate needs and I made a title loan contract with president Of Z-Best-Transport President/Broker Mario E. Urrusuno for $3, 000 that needed to be paid off as agreed signed and talked in 6 months payments of $500 a month or paid in full before 6 months in the month an year of dec. 2013! So he said I need your title siigned, keys, and truck to be held at a storage holding unit in the mean time before I pay my loan off which was told to him by the end of december ! So the next few days I had really bad feelings about certain things and hesitations of uneasy. I kept telling my friends something dont feel right . They said well call him and get assurance of where your vehicle is being held speedometer readings, account info for payments deposited correct and so forth. He answered his phone off an on about he doesnt know the speedometer milage, asked why my glove compartment is locked and he needs to open it kept telling me he is in washington til after christmas and that when he gets back he will give me his account info so i can make my first payment and never gave them to me! So I got more nervous about the quest . About my glove compartment issue and said to myself if he aint suppose to be touching anything or driving it. So I called and confirmed that my loan is gonna be paid in full by the end of december he said see you after christmas on the 26 dec 2013. No returned calls no account info no answered calls until the 26 dec from him and questioned the uncertainty once more of why I cant get answers! And heart stops when I him say I am not a bank I sold your vehicle and cant do anything for you! As cold an stifff an harsh as the most dreadful words of feeling just speared into my soul!!! Any one help or can direct or guide me to some options or resolution and solutions to get my truck back or what the value of my truck was payed for?? PLEEEEEEASE HELP ME OR GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK BECAUSE I CANNOT LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THAT AND I NEVER DESERVED THAT EITHER!!!

Mar 30, 2014

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