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6-2-15...We used Speedy-Repo because we had a repo that was not local. We found them on the internet. Big mistake! I completely agree about the negative comments on this company. We were shocked to see the large invoice which totaled $2, 018.72 ($350-towing, $90-lockout fee & $1, 641.72-contingent fee). When I called to inquire on this outrageous amount, I was told that this was 12% of the collateral value. Unfortunately I did not have much of an argument considering this fee was in black & white on the Authorization to Repossess & Hold Harmless (oversite on our part). The collateral was located at the exact address we provided & they picked it up within 3 days. When I called & spoke with someone before we assigned the collateral, we were verbally quoted only $350. I asked for documents on how they came up with the collateral value & everything went from bad to worse. I was given different figures from ICU than Speedy-Repo (neither were accurate). Then they blamed us on providing them the wrong mileage for the value they pulled. (how the heck would we provide them the mileage...we haven't even seen the vehicle). Dan Watson at Speedy-Repo became more & more irate as I questioned the contradictions. I asked if Speedy-Repo was a forwarding company & did they forward our assignment to ICU. He said that Mike Lance at ICU is a direct employee & they are not a forwarding co. He never would answer for the different business name. He called me a liar when I told him that Mike told us they do not provide the docs showing how they came up with the values that it is just given to him & stamped on an envelope. He then started threatening "are you gonna wire the money by tomorrow or do you just want me to start charging you $30/day & then put a lien on the vehicle so that you can't get it back?" I have NEVER dealt with someone so rude & irate. This company needs some major customer service training. We will NEVER use them again. They've got a big scheme going on. That place will definitely take you for a ride. ICU has called numerous times asking "have you sent the wire yet?" They just repo'd the car 2 days ago. The location of our vehicle was not reflected on the CR. However, they accidentally sent us a $350 towing invoice from Dwayne's Towing billed to XPress Collateral Locators for our vehicle. So who's Xpress Collateral Locators?? The address on the invoice & CR for ICU was a British Columbia address. The address provided by ICU for the wire was in Las Vegas NV.

Jun 3, 2015

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