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This company is so scandalous. They contact you to sign up, saying that if you can't contact the lead that they send, send it back no questions asked and you won't be charged for it. I decided, what the heck ... I'll try it out. Well, doesn't work like that at all. They give you a very difficult time if you want to send back the lead. I was told I couldn't send back the lead and would be charged $54 because my reason was not in compliance to their terms. So, I cancelled 2 days into my experience. However, they did not cancel my acct and I had $300+ charged. I have been disputing these charges with my credit card company and even contacted the CEO of Reply to demand my money back. I will make sure that Reply goes down. They are fraudulant and I feel violated. Be careful out there!! Don't be scammed by this company


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  • Ad
      13th of Jan, 2009
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    Hello Sara,
    My Name is Adam Carabetta and I am the Director of Retail Real Estate Operations at Reply! Real Estate.
    I am disappointed in your experience with our company, and wish we could have done more to meet your expectations. I was curious as to the specific situation regarding your account, but am only able to look it up by full name. I will address your concerns more broadly, but feel free to reach out directly to me. I will include my contact information below.

    With any type of advertising program, we need to agree on the minimum and maximum cost per transaction that will get you the ROI that you expect. If you are expecting a Rolls Royce – traditional referral – and received a Honda – internet lead, then I am not at all surprised that you are disappointed.

    The stark reality is that no marketing program will ever be able to compete with a traditional referral. On average it will take a pipeline of 50-100 internet leads before you begin to close transactions. The internet consumer is always going to be less loyal, and less willing to commit than a traditional referral, yet it is currently the fastest growing segment of the market. So does that mean that you should write off the internet leads forever, or alternatively, make the math work for you? And will it ever be worth it to call 100 people over the course of a year and close 3-7 deals?
    It sounds to me like this wasn’t understood, otherwise I doubt you would have participated in our program. We always want to be as transparent as possible in our sales process and are continuously working to streamline the communication.

    Every agent that joins Reply! gets exposed to what we call the "Prospect Development Funnel." We specifically ask every agent to review the expectations that we believe they should have for our leads before they activate their accounts. Here are excerpts from the page that agents have to review and agree to before receiving any leads:

    "While not all of the online consumers provided by Reply! will become a serious prospect, you should expect that approximately 10% of those consumers will ultimately generate transactions for you. In many cases, it will take six (6) to nine (9) months to nurture these prospects and experience your first sale. To support your efforts and show our commitment to your success, Reply! makes an industry-leading guarantee to all its members..."

    In addition, every agent must pass through a 3rd party verification call. This department is solely responsible for ensuring that the agent joins with correct expectations. During this call we review verbally the “Prospect Development Funnel, ” and communicate our credit policy – see below.

    Reply! will credit invalid leads for the following reasons:
    a. Invalid name
    b. Invalid phone number
    c. Invalid e-mail address (only IF the phone number is also inaccurate)
    d. Duplicate lead from Reply!
    e. Minor under the age of 18
    f. The lead is from outside of your requested sales territory
    g. The lead is from another real estate agent testing the system

    Sara, we always want to be transparent about what our program can and can’t do. It sounds to me that even with these steps, we did not set your expectations correctly, and for that I apologize.

    I welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve this. Feel free to contact me at (925) 983-3396, or by email at


    Adam Carabetta
    Director, Retail Real Estate Operations
    Reply! Inc.

  • Gr
      13th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Your Reply is all a Lie!! Your nice comments above sound good, only wish some of it was true.
    I too was scammed by Reply. I attempted to contact Adam Carabetta numerous times and he will NOT call you back. I sent him emails REPLY... The only thing you can count on with Reply is they will charge your credit card big $$.
    May you think about change the Reply name to NO Reply!!! How do you sleep at night knowing your a scam?
    If anyone is thinking about using Reply? Do yourself a favor and think again!!


  • Th
      14th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    My name is Thomas Miller 559-285-0680 and I too have experienced the same problem with (NO) They have illegally charged my credit card and we were told the same things. We never agreed to any terms and we never went to any web site to agree to any terms. The really strange thing is that 90% of the leads we called had no intention to buy or sell. NONE! One of the leads we called had been dead for over 8 years! They all had no idea how we got their info. They have charged me $1153.00 for fraudulent, fake, deceitful leads that we sent back they never ever told us that there were terms to return the leads. The exact words of the salesperson were, "If you don't like the lead you can return it no questions asked and with no charge." THAT IS A LIE! This is FRAUD in the inducement! I will also make you pay Reply, but I will make you pay 10 times as much! See you in court.

  • Ti
      16th of Mar, 2009
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    Reply is the best thing out there.

  • Th
      23rd of Apr, 2009
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    WOW, these guys are awesome they really stepped up to the plate! I got a phone call from a guy named Adam Carabetta (out of the blue, ) he was awesome. He refunded me all of my money and even worked something out with me for future leads. I really do feel like they care now. If you do feel like you were mislead, just call and ask for Adam. If you want to call to confirm what I’ve experienced or have any questions, you can get me at 559-285-0680 Thomas Miller with RE/MAX Gold in Fresno CA.

  • Hr
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    SCAM! Hate to say but they got me too! over $400.00. Cancelled my account after a few days, applied for credit on BOGUS leads and never got my money back. They make up leads and send them to you and charge your account $54/per. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY...

  • Re
      18th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I'm canceling after only 4 days...I wish I had found this website before I gave them my credit card information. What they don't tell you is that leads who NEVER RETURN CALLS OR E-MAILS are not part of their refund policy. That's not a lead---its a scam! You can bet I will not rest until this lousy company is put out of business. And I assure you, they set "limits" of 4-5 leads per month, and then totally ignore that limit so they can rack up a huge bill. They sell the lead to several agents, as well. Two of the sellers I got as leads had responded to a "we buy houses" ad for distressed sellers--they had NO knowledge that a Realtor would call them--and couldn't pay commission if they hired one!
    Kansas City
    Realty Executives

  • Do
      30th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I AM ANOTHER PERSON SCAMMED BY THIS COMPANY. They flat out LIED to me on the phone as to what they provide and what commitment I would have. I tried to CANCEL the same day only to be told, sorry, you have to give 30 day notice. Reply has illegally charged my credit card and when I disputed charges they sent a FORM LETTER with many copied pages of our correspondence. To make the file look big they sent the same pages multiple times. I will keep fighting and NOT agree to PAY these SCAMMERS. is NOT honest, not up front, a rip off and unethical. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY.
    DO NOT USE because you will be sorry and ripped off. I tried to contact some of the so called pre qualified leads to be told I was the 3rd or 4th person to call, I already have an agent or the leads were literally kjh oied. They sent a jumbled obvious non lead trying to charge me for that. DO NOT BELEIVE anything that post from Reply says. They are CROOKS.

  • Go
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    I enrolled in the service for 5 leads per month. I have put my account on inactive status twice when I was out of town. The first time was great. Rep Nyeisha Ellis and Thyrone Antonion emailed back to confirm receipt of my reguest to accept leads while I was out of town. The 2nd time however, I was still sent leads and they drafted payment causing a huge over draft to my account. I was also told I could do the 5 leads per month. I wanted 1 lead per week and an extra lead at anytime of the month. The internet rep who called me back upon enrolling confirmed that I could do that. But the deceptive scam artists at Reply Real Estate ramrod me with 5 leads in one week. On 7/9/09, I sent multiple requests to, nyeisha ellis and thyrone antonio to keep my account inactive until the 30 day cancellation period expires, which would be 8/8/09. I have not received any confirmations back. When I go into the system to change the leads, the option has been removed so it still says 5 leads per month and I can't change it on my own. Nyiesha and Thyrone have both stopped responding to emails and can't get either one on the phone.

    The contact information I have for Nyeisha Ellis [E], P] 925.983.3476
    [F] 925 983.3509

    The contact information I have for Thyrone is [E]
    [P] 925.983.3400 ext 1002

    The people are definately scammers. Over the weekend, they decided to apparently reactivate my account despite my July request and I have since received 3 leads- the 3rd being today. I have sent an email to Nyeisha, Thyrone and service each of the three times- I received an email response back from another scammer named Collette, which reads:

    Colette Munkner to me
    show details Aug 3 (1 day ago) Reply

    Dear Shawnna:

    Thank you for your email. Your request to cancel was received on July 9, 2009. We ask for a 30 day notice to cancel the account therefore your account is due to cancel on August 8, 2009. Any leads received to your account prior to this date are considered valid unless returned for invalid reasons. Thank you for allowing me to assist you today.

    Have a wonderful day!!

    Colette Munkner
    Client Relations and Service Specialist

    Reply! Real Estate
    A division of Reply! Inc.
    12667 Alcosta Blvd., Ste. 200
    San Ramon, California 94583
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (pst)
    Monday- Friday

    You can view the status of your credit requests (plus much more) by logging in to your online account management at:

    ... to which I replied (and still haven't received a response back yet):

    Shawnna Stone to Colette
    show details Aug 3 (1 day ago) Reply

    Your cancellation policy doesn't state that an account has to be active prior to requesting cancellation. I emailed on 7/9/09 to keep my account inactive and cancel on August 8, . 2009.

    The cancellation policy is posted as follows:

    Cancellation Policy.
    You may cancel the program at any time by simply emailing our service team at You must provide a 30 day written notice. Your program will be cancelled 30 days from the date of notification. We believe that true success requires a long–term approach, we will not build our business by locking you into an extended contract.

    I followed the policy. I am not to be charged for leads after July 9, 2009 and my account is is to be cancelled. Reply Real Estate fraudulently and unethically chose a date to reactivate my account without my consent, conveniently over a weekend in hopes that I wouldn't be checking my emails and messages I'm sure. You people are money grubbing, scam artists and I've reported you as such. I am still fixing my overdrafted bank account because of you frauds.

    I am not to be charged for the leads I received over the weekend. My account has been inactive at my request since July 9, 2009. I have not sent any request, verbal nor written to Reply to reactivate my account. You are a crook.

    STAY AWAY FROM REPLY REAL ESTATE! I have reported them to the BBB of Greater Richmond, the SCC of Virginia and the FTC.

  • Re
      14th of Oct, 2009
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    They are a Complete RIPOFF!!!

  • Je
      31st of Oct, 2009
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    This company is a total SCAM, My name is JEFF STAR with RE/MAX the leads are bogus most are people just wanting to know their value. Karen at REPLY lied to me, said If the lead was no good just return it and we won't charge for it no questions asked. They come up with every reason why your wrong and their right. Do not trust this company they are a total fraud. I will be reporting them the BBB.

  • Re
      27th of Nov, 2009
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    I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and will contact the loacal Attorney General if need be. I suggest you all do the same. Here is the person who is handling my case:

    Elsie Thomas

    Dispute Resolution Specialist
    Tel: 510 844-2004
    Fax: 510 844-2604

  • Ru
      24th of Dec, 2009
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    Reply Inc is a total fraud.They have found a legal way to scam.Beware.Call BBB and complaint until your money in is refunded.I got all the bogus leads and a run around.The owner should be put in jail for scamming millions.The owner has defrauded millions in prior internet companies.Check the history of the owners.
    Call BBB of San Ramon and put this ownner behind bars.

  • Ja
      30th of Dec, 2009
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  • Pa
      2nd of Jan, 2010
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    January 2, 2010
    Reply! Real Estate leads are almost entirely junk. The sales representative Hanah represented a 15-20% closing rate. The "Client Services/Quality Control Representative" Rhys Palencia says to figure 15% closing rate. Now I've been selling real estate in this area for 25 years and I'm well-aware of the time it takes between first contact and a closed transaction. Nonetheless, I've been with Reply! now for about 30 days and received nine leads. Of these nine leads, four haven't responded to numerous telephone messages or emails. Three have no interest in dealing with an agent, period. (One of those thought this was a way to lower their property taxes, the second thought this was a way to estimate property value, something like, and the third wanted access to "government tax foreclosures only." (She was very clear that she thought she was signing up for that.) Whatever consumers think they're getting by signing up, isn't what they get. Same for agents. So that leaves me with two possible leads out of nine: One of them wants to buy a single family home in a very nice community for about half the going rate, and he doesn't own a car. Can he get a loan? Who knows? The other wants to meet with me -- maybe sometime -- in a few weeks. The vibe I get is he's nowhere near ready. These leads are very time consuming to chase down, and Reply gives us 3 days to verify whether they're valid -- how do you do that when you can't make contact at all? If we ever do meet with a prospect, we then need to get them loan qualified and compete with any other agents they might be talking to. At this rate I estimate the closing rate closer to 0.5% --------- Reply! should change their name to Junk!

  • Ti
      22nd of Jan, 2010
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    I totally agree with your complaint - they have made many promised results, and pitches about the ability to return leads that are not appropriate, are for people who have sold already or bought already or are represented by other realtors - yet when I return them they present me with a different return policy in writing than was agreed to by their rep - AND I HAVE IT ON VOICE RECORDER NOW because after I finally got them to cancel (took 2 months) and after they stole several THOUSAND dollars from my checking account in November and December 2009 I was contacted by their sales teams trying to sign me up again... I recorded the call this time and let the say everything to me all over again - then after I caught them I politely explained that I had them on recorder - replayed it for them and that I know their policy is not what was being said to me - that I already filed disputes with my bank about the over charges and I would like to never receive a call from them again...

    This company over-charges, never refunds – even with legitimate returned leads – and bills irregularly at dollar increments which don’t match the agreed upon terms. Please don’t get me started on their inferior product.

    They give a canned response as indicated above about the number and percentages of leads to make deals – but clearly skate around the actual complaint about being over-billed and they never address the FACT that we are being told LIES about their return policy and the quality of their leads as an inducement to provide privileged financial information which they later use to rip us off… EVEN AFTER WE CANCEL!!!

    Folks - this group of goons just charged my card AGAIN on 21 January 2010 YESTERDAY a fee for $100 - which (again) isn't even a multiple of any of the fees they have or for a lead that they charge... I canceled MONTHS AGO!!! Even if you factor in the 30 day cancellation period – its been WAY OVER THAT…

    I have been hit for several thousand dollars by these ### – they never respond to my complaints or requests for refunds - they are operating illegally – they are STEALING!

    I will gladly post a $5, 000 bounty to a crack attorney to help us who were scammed to join together to go after this group and their owners for their blatant fraud - which means their damned corporate veil can’t protect them… I want the car, the house everything… Force them to sell everything and pay us back!

    Who’s in for a class action? I certainly am! I got the first 5K in costs – what can you offer up?

    If you work for REPLY you should know I am going after them – and your paycheck. Get out, run as fast as you can to the FBI because we’re going after all their bank records to contact EVERY SINGLE person they ever billed – and we are going to compile a HUGE list of complaints, detailed and factual. We want to prove beyond any doubt that what we are saying about their bait-and-switch and inducements to buy with inaccurate and outright fraudulent misrepresentation of their internal return policies as well as their product quality being terrible. We want to show to the attorney general’s in every state he has ever billed a customer in that he is worth taking down via means of the consumer protection and fraud divisions in each state.

    If anyone would like to submit to me a detailed (dates, times, $, agreements, who spoke to/when, ) summary of your dealings with this company – please do so – I will post them to a specific website for this joint effort to go after this company and its owners. Please visit: for details on how to join up. Site will be live very soon and we can all figure this out together!

  • Ru
      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    Hello Tickedoffatreply,

    My name is Rudd Lippincott, and I am the Director of Retail Operations. I read your response here, and I'm very concerned.

    First and foremost, without knowing who you are, I have no way of looking in to your account, seeing why we weren't able to provide a solution to whatever problem occurred, and ultimately, why we were unable to satisfy whatever requests you had to cancel the program, etc.

    Secondly, without knowing who the salesperson was that you spoke to (and recorded), I have no way of addressing the issue with the employee. While you may not believe this, I don't take these types of situations lightly and you'll find that anytime the Agent is willing to work with us, we almost always take swift, corrective action internally.

    Third, we never charge an agent without their authorization. Period, end of story. I need to understand why you were charged $100 as you mentioned. Again, without knowing who you are, I have no way of correcting this.

    Please contact me direct at 925-983-3427 immediately, so I can make the situation right. You'll find that I am a very reasonable person.


    Rudd Lippincott
    Director, Retail Operations

  • No
      26th of Feb, 2010
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    I just cancelled my account. They consider a name and phone number a valid lead worth $54...even if the lead denies inquiring or asks you not to contact them. Most leads don't even answer their phone after multiple tries within the 72 hour window. When they finally do and it turns out it isn't even valid, Reply! says "sorry it's too late and past the 72 hour window" and you are going to be charged anyway. Do not sign up for this scam!!! You will have better luck calling people from the phone book as these leads are just about as good as that. Their main goal is to hope you don't figure out the lead is bogus within the first 72 hours, then "jackpot", $54 in the bag! That is a big reason why the are conveniently closed on the weekends too so you can't request credits in time or put your account on vacation. I cancelled my card...I am not going to pay $700 for bogus leads. Only 2 of them turned out to possibly buy or sell in the next 3 years so I will settle for $108, but that is it.

    Tiffany Dalton

  • Ru
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    ReplyRealEstateRipOff - please contact me at 925-983-3427 to discuss. I will gladly put anything in writing that we discuss over the phone and I'd like to get a better understanding of what happened, so I can fix it. You can also reach me via email at

  • El
      22nd of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    We were also promised valid leads with an easy way to be credited for invalid leads. Thus far has ignored most of my credit requests and continued to charge our credit card after written cancellation. Their customer service people contradict each other, give incorrect information, and do absolutely nothing to follow up my many complaints. They have charged us almost $1000 in wrongful charges and do not respond to my complaints. The verbally stated credit and cancellation policy is not carried out once they have your credit card, and they deny making those promises. Please email me with your experiences and we can try to get a class action suit against these unscrupulous liars.

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