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1 San Ramon, CA, United States

When I joined for a $5.00 fee I was told that I had a 3 day period to rescind the offer. I put a one time fee of $5.oo on my credit card. When I contacted the company the next day to cancel I was told that I could not cancel for 30 days & that I would be sent 5 - 7 leads a month at a charge of $55.00 each that would be charged to my credit card!! I never gave permission to charge anything other than $5.00 to my card.
I feel that I have been completely slammed !
They did cancel my account after much discussion on the phone last night however I still may be charged for 4 leads even though I wanted to cancel altogether.

These are terrible business practices and is completely misrepresented!
Do I have any options towards this company?
Thank you,
Jane Schnoebelen [protected]

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