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1 Brooklyn, NY, United States Review updated:

I ordered a used/refurbished Nokia cell model 6170b. By the time it arrived, there had been a change in my cell contract situation and I did not need the replacement immediately. It remained in the original shipping box unopened for several months. When I did need it several months later, I discovered that the phone had advertised as fully refurbished and in good operating condition was none of the above. They sold me me an obviously un-refurbished phone, presumably one that the previous owner had sent in for repair, and resold it to me without repairing it. The on-off switch is broken and barely functional. It still had the previous owners personal photos, personal contact list, call history, etc. The cover doesn't fit correctly. But the biggest problem is that THE PHONE IS NOT FUNCTIONAL. It does not work. The supposedly refurbished phone is a dud. They obviously obtained a faulty phone from someone else and just sold it to me "as is" instead of refurbishing it as they claimed.

The kicker is that because of their strict return policy, I am simply out a hundred bucks.

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  • Cu
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    All companies have return policies.

    In our return policy (which is clearly listed on our web site) we clearly state that a customer must contact us within seven days of receipt if a phone is defective. These are used cell phones, and occasionally there are problems.

    The whole point of the matter is, after several months have passed by, how are we supposed to know a customer received the phone defective as opposed to it being damaged by the customer?

    Return policies are in effect to protect companies from being exploited by consumers of that type.

    In the best case scenario, we usually try to offer help at least within a few weeks time frame---we either offer to repair or replace. If it is after that time period (depending on the problem) within a reasonable time frame and it can be repaired, I usually offer that as an option.

    Do you think if you bought a stereo from Best Buy and tried to return it after their return policy had expired they would help you? They would tell you the same thing we tell our customers after a long period of time has passed: to contact the manufacturer (if it's under warranty still) or contact Square Trade (if they purchased a warranty through them, and we strongly suggest customers do so) as there is nothing we can do to help them after a significant amount of time has passed.

    This customer didn’t specify whether or not he tried to contact us, so I am not sure if he did. Another point to be made: if you don’t contact us, we can’t help you.

  • La
      7th of Apr, 2009
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    I myself was sent a faulty phone that Replace Your Cell had received from someone else and just sold it to me "as is" instead of refurbishing it as they claimed. Instead of truly testing and refurbishing second hand phones, Replace Your Cell often just sells the used phone and relies on customers to screen the phones and return faulty ones. They do honor their return policy -- they have to because it is apparently the key to their business model. If you are willing to be the phone tester for them, and have time to keep exchanging phones in the mail until you get a good one, you should go ahead and do business with them. Notice that in the above complaint, the customer said that he received a phone with the previous owner's personal photos and personal contact numbers still in place. No way is that a refurbished phone. It is obvious that not only did Replace Your Cell fail to refurbish it, they never even turned it on. But the reply from Replace Your Cell on this page never addresses that issue -- they just defended their return policy. That is because their return policy is the one thing they can defend. From my experience, here''s what you should understand if you order from Replace Your Cell -- count on their return policy, they will reliably honor it. And that's a good thing to know because you have a good chance of needing to use it.

  • Em
      16th of Feb, 2010
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    i have had a few dealing with
    thje first phone I got worked okay besides a small part of the on off key missing but when I called Verizon to activate the phone I was informed that the phone was reported stolen only a few weeks before I tried to activated. SOOOO I called and asked for the form to return my phone for replacement. After waiting 2 days for the form in my email, I returned the phone and they shipped my replacement exactly 2 weeks later.
    I opened my replacement to find that there was a short in the phone which causes it to only turn on while plugged into a wall charger. After approx. 2 minutes the phone battery goes from dead to completely charged and the phone reboots.
    I am terrible dissatisfied with the service I received. I am a pregnant woman and a cell phone is neccessary in case of emergency. I finally received another form today to return this phone and am asking for refund. Of course they will take the restocking fee..I'm not sure why since they should just dispose of this phone but I guess it will wind up in someone elses hands next week.
    Emily In Ohio

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