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Rephen Law Firm / Univaible call by unknow LAW Firm

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I just today had a call from a bad check that i wrote. I have received 1 paper on it and didn't have the n=money to pay it... That was in November.. This man (JOHN FONTANA) told me I had to pay this bill and if not Rephen Law Firm would take me to court for the company the check security place(that my check as secured by)... I told him that I haven't receive any paper work and that I wanted him to fax or mail me prof that I needed to pay and who I needed to pay... He told me that it had to be paid today or I would be taken to court orders on Monday... He told me the only way to pay them was to buy a Money Gram Express at Walmart. I don't know if I should pay or if this guy is just a fraud... I am good at paying my bills and as soon as I had the money I would send it but know the bill is over 2x the size as it was... Also this guy told me to send the payment to New City New York... WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!

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      31st of Jul, 2009
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    A debt collector claiming to be “Erica Shaw or Erica Shah, ” a “legal processor” from a “law firm” called “Rephen Law Firm” (which she purposely pronounced “Restin” to avoid identification online) has attempted to collect a debt for a $45 bounced check. Their phone number is 845-678-1296. It is obvious from the overwhelming number of online complaints made to debt/credit complaint forums and the Federal Trade Commission that they are an illegitimate operation and should not be paid a single dime.

    It is also evident that the “processing fees” they are attempting to collect are illegal given the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and therefore should not be paid either.

    When questioned, she cited the Uniform Commercial Code which can be found here: and seen as an obvious sham to be cited, as states adopt only parts of the Universal Commercial Code and in different ways, meaning there is no way for her to tell me how exactly how it applies. IT DOESN’T. It’s like saying the Bible says something is wrong, but without telling me the verse. Obviously bull.

    It also clear to me that their threats to take legal action and “take me to court” are also illegal given the FDCPA as well. They also refuse to put anything in writing and refuse to stop contacting me after both verbal and written no-contact statements, which is also illegal.

    No reputable company only takes payment through Western Union. No legitimate company refuses to put things in writing or on their “law firm” letterhead.

    My only question is why fraudulent companies such as this are still able to operate under this Act?

    This company has even set up bogus “consumer help/protection” websites to gather people’s information here:

    How is this legal? Should I report again to the Federal Trade Commission here or somewhere else?

    In short, do not give these people a dime. They prey on people who do not know their legal rights. They only buy bulk debt from companies who have already written off bounced checks. They intimidate people into thinking they are going to go to jail or be taken to court because their check bounced when this is simply not true.

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      16th of Sep, 2009
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    I received a call from this Mr. Fontana yesterday regarding a bounced check that I had back in December. He was going to get the State Police after me.

    Because this upset me so much, I not only called my local Legal Aid and Public Defender's offices just to find out how I should handle this. I did some Internet research to find out anything about this so-called "Rephen Law Firm". Because this Mr. Fontanta had a heavy New York City accent, I assumed that he was from Brooklyn, but he wasn't: he's from Rockland County, which is just to the north of New York City. I thank God that I came across these complaints. I didn't realize that this firm is a scam and uses threatening techniques to make you pay a debt.

    I am reporting this firm to the New York State Bar Association, to Andrew Cuomo Mario's son), the New York State Attorney Gneral, the Federal Trade Commission, Thomas Zugibe, the Attorney General for Rockland County; Tom Corbett, the Attorney General for Pennsylvania (where I live), Terry Grosselfinger, the Director of the Office of Consumer Protection in Rockland County, and the Bureau of Consumer Protection here in Pennsylvania. Everybody else should do the same thing. Don't let them victmize anymore decent law-abiding citizens!

  • Ro
      18th of Mar, 2011
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    Rephen Law Firm - Harrasment
    Rephen Law Firm
    New York
    United States

    I am a retired Federal Administrative Law Judge who was contacted today by a 77 year old widow who is a dear friend. She was in tears over threats made to her by a collection agency that she would be sent to jail. She had been called by the Rephen Law Firm about two months ago about a bounced check written to CVS pharmacies in the amount of $150.00. She explained that her credit card had been stolen and funds debited from her account resulting in the overdraft. She agreed to send payment and was then told that the "fees" were an additional $300.

    Not having the full amount she told the lady that she would send $150 the next day (which she did) and the remainder she would have to pay out. After sending the $150.00 she misplaced the address and was unable to make any further payments.

    Today she received a second call. This time the person calling was well past rude. He refused to even listen to my friend and threatened that unless the new "fees" of $500 were sent immediately they would have her arrested for fraud. When she objected to this behavior he made further threats and then hung up on her,

    I have recommended that she report this company to the Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office and to the Consumer Protection agency. This type of harassment is unconscionable and when used against a 77 year old widow on Social Security it is criminal.

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