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Rephen Law Firm / illegal debt collection practices

1 United States

A debt collector claiming to be “Erica Shaw or Erica Shah, ” a “legal processor” from a “law firm” called “Rephen Law Firm” (which she purposely pronounced “Restin” to avoid identification online) has attempted to collect a debt she claims is $220 for a bounced check with the original amount of $70. Their phone number is [protected].

1) She refused to give information about the alleged “law firm.”
2) She refused to give information about the original debt.
3) She claimed the additional funds from the original debt amount were for their “processing fees” and interest.
4) She threatened to take me to court, sue me and take legal action against me if I did not pay the debt and their “fees” in full with an unreasonable time limit.
5) She refused to send the debt information in writing or on the law firm’s letterhead.
6) She became irate, accused me of doing illegal activity, and became verbally abusive on the phone when I questioned the fees and requested the information in writing.
7) She attempted to justify the fees under the “Uniform Commercial Code” and refused to tell me what part of it she was citing or how my state, FL, had adopted it.
8) She became irate and refused to tell me the address where I could send them a letter requesting no contact.
9) She said their only method of payment was Western Union and at first refused a payment plan I proposed. She eventually said yes to a payment plan but refused to offer any means by which to document the original debt or document my payments with receipts.

It is obvious from the overwhelming number of online complaints made to debt/credit complaint forums (e.g., /link removed/, etc.) that they are an illegitimate operation.

It also appears if they have set up a phony website to garner information from consumers threatened by them in order to appear legitimate:

I have reported them to the Federal Trade Commission and urge other consumers to do the same here:

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