REO-Northwest Short Sales / foreclosure sale date 5/26/17

1 Tacoma, WA, United States

Loan No. 1174001
Owner: Danielle Daniel
Property: 3907 153rd St E Tacoma, WA. 98446


I'm writing to request some assistants on postponing the foreclosure set on the property referenced above.

I've sent everything needed and required by Bayview Loan Servicing for the short sale of the home on 4/19/17 & 4/20/17. Please see attached proof of emails sent within the time frame given in order to postpone the foreclosure set on the property for 5/26/17.

I called the short sale department yesterday and was informed that they denied to postpone the foreclosure because it's now to close to the foreclosure sale date.

When we received this property I personally called Bayview to speak with customer service to make sure if we listed the property and pro sued a short sale that they would be willing to postpone the foreclosure. Now unfortunately it supposedly can't. I don't believe this should be the case as we have met every deadline requested by me.

Please help us in anyway possible postponing the foreclosure sale date set for 5/26/17.

Thank you,
Jennifer Perry

May 4, 2017

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