Renton School District Bus Driver / Bus driver

1 Renton, WA, US

I was northbound 405 and got on the off ramp to get on north Rainier Ave So in Renton. At the merge vehicles take turns as one gets off the ramp another gets on the on ramp to go towards Southcenter. Often when there is tremendous traffic the light on Rainier Ave So and SW Grady back up traffic that there is waiting time for merging. I was at that point where I was the next car to get on Rainier Ave So. I waited till traffic cleared meanwhile allowing as many cars to get on the on ramp. Two Renton school district buses were behind me. One started honking their horn at me like get going!! What? There was no where to go. That lady bus driver literally went on the left side of me having no where to go and blocking traffic that could of went on the on ramp.
I can't tell you how fused I got. What an inconsiderate bus driver! I couldn't believe this is what the Renton School District hires! Impatient as all get out! I wish I could of got the bus # but I know the one behind her was 124.

Mar 18, 2017

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