Rented HouseObnoxious behaviour of house owner - looks like mental case

This house owner seemed quiet polite till we entered into the house. The motive was just to extract rent and do not give peaceful possession. We stay on ground floor. Here goes the list

1. Bang the floor with stones from the 1st floor every 2 hours
2. Cut the water facility
3. Get into the personal lives of tenants
4. Make fun of tenants so tenants can hear
5. We cannot take phone calls in the house
6. Pass comments on tenants guests
7. The son and daughter make obnoxious calls
8. The owner wife has stones in every room

Never ever ever get into these kind of houses. The owner is least bothered about what his wife, son and daughter does all he wants is rent. We happen to vacate in 3 months.

Address: no.54, 3rd cross, sector b, r. R. Colony, basavanagar, bangalore - 560037

Owner no:[protected]

Jan 10, 2017

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