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I rented a calculator through the company from July '09 to August '09. In the contract, they required $35.00 deposit for security reason and promised to put the same amount back on my bank account 2 weeks after they receive the product. I returned the calculator on 08/07/09 and the delivery confirmation showed that they received it on 08/08/09. It has been longer than 2weeks and I haven't received my deposit back. I e-mailed them twice and had no responses. I called them from 11am to 5pm every 10 minutes on 08/27/09, and I was not able to speak to anybody but the message that they're helping other customers so I have to call them back in a few minutes.


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  • Fr
      Mar 08, 2010


    Sorry to hear about your issue with this company. What ever happened to this? Were you able to get your money back? Please let me know how everything went as I own a competing site that rents the same calculators. I don't require a deposit to rent our units and I offer free first class shipping.

    Francis Ogertschnig
    Graphtor LLC

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  • Hd
      Aug 12, 2010

    Don't ever rent calculators through them!!! My card was being automatically billed, but my wallet got stolen so my bank canceled it and is in the process of sending me a new one. So I received a letter stating I am passed due because my card got declined. So I updated my card which on their website implies that they accept Amex because they say the security code for most cards on the back and Amex are on the front for when typing in my card information. A few days they said I got denied again, I called them and finally someone picks up after 3rd call (by this time I have left 2 emails, 3 phone messages, and called about 25 times total). He told me they do not accept Amex. So I updated my card once more this time with my mom's visa credit card. Today I received an email stating that they have repeatedly ask me to take actions and that if I don't do anything soon my account will be sent to collections. This is so frustrating. I don't know what else I can do!

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