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1 820 Newell TerraceMarco Island, FL, United States Review updated:
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Martin Frimberger owner of rents vacation homes on Marco Island.

We sent a deposit to Martin Frimberger of $750 in March 2009 to reserve this house at 820 Newell Terrace as listed on his website When we contacted Martin Frimberger in May 2009 to send the signed confirmation letter, he told us that the house was no longer available and we would have to choose from 2 other smaller houses on his site, neither of which suited our needs. He was offering us the listed prices for these other houses but since they were too small for our needs, we asked for our deposit back since the original offered house at 820 Newell Terrace was no longer available.

He has refused to give us our deposit back. As of today 5/21/09, the house at 820 Newell Terrace is still listed on his website and when we asked him why it is still listed, he said it is for marketing purposes because it "draws people in." Apparently, Martin Frimberger lists houses on that are not currently available. In our case, it appears he accepted our deposit on a house that was unavailable and then tried to force us into one of 2 of his other houses and refused to give us our deposit back on the original house.

We don't recommend dealing with Martin Frimberger or his website There is no way to know if the houses on his site are actually available and if you put a deposit on a specific house you will not get your deposit back if it becomes unavailable.

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  • No
      21st of May, 2009
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    friends of mine the same thing but the next time she plan to do it again i let her try this and she was very pleased to try she said she was satisfy.

  • Gm
      28th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    We have rented this luxurious, beautiful and comfortable vacation home from Martin Frimberger for many, many years in a row. The house and the rental agreement have always been PERFECT. Martin Frimberger is an honorable man and there is NO WAY there could not be an explanation for this post. He is a man of his word and an honorable, respected businessman and this house is one of the best anyone could ever find - words cannot describe the house, the furnishings, the pool area or the trouble the owners go to to ensure a pleasurable vacation.

    The Morris and Cole Families
    Buckhead, GA

  • Sm
      20th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    My boyfriend and i, along with another couple stayed in the most BEAUTIFUL vacation home from MARTIN FRIMBERGER. everything was done perfect and I'm presently looking into staying in a BIGGER home of his because the way he does business is amazing. I can't wait to go back... all of us:)

  • Fr
      25th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    My friends and I refer to Martin as the "Frimburglar." He lied repeatedly to us, first to get our deposit, and then once we involved law enforcement, he lied to them and said he would send the deposit back. We received nothing. The families who posted above probably work for the Frimburglar. If you have too much money and want to waste it, send it to me, I'll take it. Save you the trouble of going through Martin. STAY AWAY!

  • Gm
      25th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Please feel free to email us for more info at We do not work for Martin Frimberger, nor do we even live in the same state. The Morris and Cole Families, Buckhead, GA

  • Cg
      4th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Anyone who sends money to Martin Frimberger through the mail and does not get their deposit back or the promised rental is a victim of mail fraud. This is a federal offense and a felony. The USPS has its own police force that investigates these things. It's called the Postal Inspection Service. Report his criminal activities to them, and they'll investigate him.
    Oh, and to the Morris and Cole Families. You're renting a single family home with as a multi-family home. That's why Fremberger got fined for violating zoning laws. Yep, he's an honorable man, what with his repeated violations of the law. And get this, he's disbarred in Connecticut. Kind of hard to be honorable with that kind of record.

  • Jo
      22nd of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    Martin Frimberger a HONORABLE man ? Oh My God !!! Ask my aunt - she has lost her home in Marco Island and a lot of her money because she has him. (He was instruct to sell her home on Barfield Drive). And now: No home - no money - no answer from Mr. Martin Frimberger.. He is definitaly CRIMINAL ! Hope, a lot of people (and his Kids) read this...

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