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Rental property / Apartment in disrepair

1 Denver, CO, United States Review updated:

Hello, I'm submitting this because things with my landlord and her daughter are reaching a boiling point. Let me explain...
My wife and I have been renting the upstairs unit in a split level duplex for almost 4 years. The day we looked at it initially it was a very snowy Sunday and I really couldn't look at the condition of the outside of the house. She assured me that the house had a beautiful yard and that it was a quiet street normally. When the snow melted it became quite clear that the yard is nothing more than a weed patch and the street that had been quiet on that Sunday is actually a busy thoroughfare. Whatever. I can deal with that. I've fixed up the yard considerably over the years and I don't expect anything for that. The real problem lies with the rest of the house. The lady is a slumlord, plain and simple. The tiles in the shower and the drywall behind them are sagging and bulging. The bathroom floor is sinking in as well and the toilet is sitting at an angle because the floor is giving way. I've complained twice and she's done nothing.
Her daughter moved in downstairs from us recently (ugh) and I've shown her the bathroom as well and she copped an attitude like it's my fault. There's no, I mean NO, water pressure and the drains are all slow. Once again, my complaints fall on deaf ears. The awning over the back patio started to come loose a year ago after a serious windstorm. We told her that the fiberglass panels were probably going to blow off the next time it got windy. As usual she did nothing and when they did finally blow away she implied that it was my fault since I was capable of fixing them when they came loose initially and I didn't climb up there and fix them for her. All the doors and door jambs have dry rot and the screws that hold them in place pull out constantly. The place is drafty and has the original windows from when the place was built in the 60's. They are the kind that crank out vertically and most of them no longer work since the cranks are all stripped out.
That's most of the big issues. My question is: What do I do? My wife and I want to move out ASAP, but we know she'll try to keep out $750 deposit and claim that all the maintenance items that she hasn't addressed are our fault. What do I do? What are my options? Can I file a complaint on her with some state agency? If so, who? I don't have enough money to hire a lawyer, BTW.
If any of you can help me, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Ed

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  • Ed
      26th of Nov, 2010
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    I almost forgot the most important part and the reason I posted in the first place...

    It's now late November and the furnace is not working. It's been cold here in Denver and I've repeatedly told the landlord and her daughter that it needs to be taken care of, but once again they act like it's up to me to fix it. I went downstairs to the daughter's unit to complain and she asked me to take a look at it. I told her that I'm not a repairman and she basically accused me of damaging the thermostat (which is in my upstairs unit and controls the heat for both units).
    To top it off, my wife and I went out of town for Thanksgiving and she called my wife's cell phone and accused us of leaving the thermostat turned off (We didn't of course. It was set at 75.) She then complained that we never left her the keys to our unit so she could check the thermostat. When we told her she's the landlord and she should have keys for her properties, she told us that it's every tenet's responsibility to make duplicate keys and give them to to their landlord. Huh? I'm not kidding, she really said that. Plus, I don't think she has the right to go into my unit unless it's an emergency and even then, I'm sure she'd need permission first.

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