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Unfortunately me and my family moved into one of their homes and we almost immediately started having problems; toilet wouldn't flush properly (they told us we could pay to have a plumber come out), stove door kept falling apart (told us it was nothing more they could do but re screw it) even though it was been screwed so many times it was no longer a tight fit, we even taped and glued the pieces together but it continue to fall apart. In Sept., 2014 the kitchen and laundry room flooded due to a pipe breaking under the house and even days later water was coming into my kitchen from under the flooring and to this day they still refuse to fix. When they opened up the wall, they attempted to close it up even though there was MOLD very visible and the smell was undeniable; we had complained of smelling mold in Aug. 2014 and the AC was leaking, they did a bandaid fix that didn't work and now there's leaks in another part of the house. They deny the possibility of there being a mold problem anywhere in the home. There was also problems with the kitchen sink leaking and then the a pipe broke under the house and there was water coming out under the house and now some of the wood is showing signs of water damage and/or decaying form mold but they still deny a mold problem. They served us with a 3 day notice for non payment of rent even though the rent was paid and we've NEVER paid rent late! At first they refused to accept my rent receipt, then I really got upset, they threatened to terminate our lease ( I didn't threaten anyone or ever use profanity). Then two weeks after falsely having us served they sent two guys to inspect the home without notifying us, when I asked why weren't we notified one of them stated "I sent you an email last night", I didn't let them in and they billed me $50 for missing the appointment. They falsely advertised the house we live in (but we were desperate because the house we were renting had been sold and we had to find a place FAST!) There has been and still are several repairs that they refused to make (fixing the leak in my closet, fixing broken tiles, gaps between the floors and cabinet where water ran to the outside of the house and bugs can come in, we are still waiting to see if they're going to have our heater fixed in this freezing cold weather and so on).

Jan 17, 2015

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