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Rental Car / EZ rental car

1 9956 Hawaiian CourtOrlando, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (407) 226-3580

I am a New Yorker new to Orlando, trying to establish my life down here, trying to get a job so i can finance a car. I rented from EZ rental car @ the rate of $146.79. The rental car contracts go for 28 days, so that they can conduct oil changes and check tire tread. Problem is, Peggy, from EZ, called me on the 28th day, screaming & yelling to get her car back there. I reminded her that they needed to let me know that 1 week before, and that i needed 5 days to switch cars. I returned the car and switched to a different car. Thats when all the problems started. The car was rented on a debit card with a $200 deposit. They took an intial $200 out of my account with out telling me. When i asked Peggy about this, she stated that since i switched cars, they needed a new deposit. I said ok, but once again, thanks for failing at letting me know; and asked when the money would be retured to my account of if i could used the first $ from my deposit towards my rental charges. They said yes, but the same day, they, unbeknownst to me, authorized $3oo( twice the amount of the weekly rental) out of my account. The only way I found about it is because my bank called me and told me that my bank account was about to be overdrawn. I called up EZ rental car and got into a heated screaming match with Peggy, who was disinterested with what happened and only wanted to know when i was going to bring their car back. When we both had calmed down, She said she was going to put a hold on the transaction, and she was going to call me back, but that didnt happen. I called back and the worker at the office at the time, named Fernanda, said my account wouldnt be charged until I talked to peggy the next day. My account was charged @ 11:45 that night. EZ rental car has a no refund fee when it comes to overdrafts. I was stuck in an unfortunate situation, so i still needed a car. I went there with cash for the car, for a week, and they told me i was on a list to not extend contracts to. So a few days later, I returned the car, and went to rent to Dollar rental car and Budget rental car to get a car. They said I failed their Equifax credit report. My mom is in the mortgage business, so i had my equifax credit report pulled, and there was nothing negative on it. I went back to New York, and when a friend told me that if an unauthorized charge is honored, EZ rental car will lose their rights to accept credit cards; i reported the unauthorized charges reported since my bank was a local NY bank. Then i called EZ rental car and talked to a fellow named Keir. I explained to Keir all i have explained in this complaint, and basically he said I wasnt placed on a do not rent from anyone list, that his agents can charge whatever they want whenever they want to keep their cars covered, and they have no responsibility to keep me informed about what they were charging. When I last talked to my bank, they said they need another month for their investigation since the charges caused my bank account to close. So basically they failed to tell me whatever wasnt outlined in my account, failed to return my deposit, charged my account for twice the amount of the agreed fees, and in my view, made it so i cant rent from others.

Wesley Shannon
Account Executive
Central Payment FL

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  • 5b
      8th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    We rent from Peggy all the time and each time we have to do a new deposit to close out the old business. (This is normal) It takes 30+ days to have something on your credit. It was not from them and if the bank closed your account I AM POSITIVE IT WAS MORE THAN THIS THAT CLOSED IT. You can try to blame Ez car rental if you want but like I said there is no issue that doesn't stem from your own ignorance.

  • Me
      16th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I rented from EZ Rent a Car and was scammed, too. These people cook up damages to the car after you leave it with them and then try to get you to pay it. I was even told by the girl on the phone, with their "risk management" division, "It will cost you more to fight this than to just pay it." What a bunch of crooks. Don't EVER rent from them. They are pulling this "damage" scam and toll scams and parking ticket scams right and left on their customers. Don't take my word for it-- Google them and "scam" and you'll find the internet full of complaints about their scams. These people need to go to jail.

  • Me
      16th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Yeah, right; you're probably an EZ Rent a Car employee. Tell us your story when you become disgruntled. I am sure you will, sooner or later, because people that scam one person usually scam everyone they come across, including their employees.

  • Wh
      9th of Mar, 2016
    +1 Votes

    NEVER rent a car from EZ. Trust me on this one.

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