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Rental Car / lousy service lied to

1 Orlando, FL, United States

Reserved a convertible car on April 4 for a planned vacation to Melbourne FL., May 1 for some R & R.
We had a great flight and arrived on time, walked to the rental counter. From that point on our dealings with the rental car person went bad. I have to say I travel a good deal and I have never be lied to, mislead or been manipulated more by anyone like that in my life. It starts off with the rental counter guy saying "how about a free upgrade into a bigger nicer convertible?" Sounds good I say please do. He says let me check on the availability, get right back to you. In the meantime we start going through all the extra add on, like tolls, GPS, gas, and additional insurance fees. I told him before we waste all the time on you upselling me the add-ons the answer is no. I not paying $8.00 a day for toll fees even though he said it good deal and the thing to do. Gas upsell I said no! Additional insurance, not for me I said. He says, ### his head to one side shaking it and says are you sure? No I replied. He says ok but the risks are out there and... I say no... So then he says you know that bigger upgrade is not available, I say ok give me the Mustang. He says ok prints up the paperwork and low and behold he has charged me for the insurance. I ask what's this, he says Its the basic you need to have just the basic coverage. I say no we don't take it off. He says ok then we leave for the garage. We get to the garage and the guys says over two rows and you are there. Makes sense, along the wall are signs that read Economy, medium, full, convertible. The only problem is there are no convertible cars. So I flag the guy down and say where are the cars? He says we don't have any convertible's, and I told the agent at the front desk that over the radio. I said what about the bigger sportier convertible I was promised. He says we don't have those cars. He says go back and talk to your agent. Ok I'm a bit getting a bit upset now. We have dragged all the bags to the garage screwed around for at least 30 minutes. I go back to the ticket counter, my guy is gone, I have to wait in line. I get a lady this time, I explain what's up, she says let me see if we have the Mustang. I say, lady I have just been in the garage, Jose says they do not have my car or any other convertibles. They don't have any in the back lot, there are none. She says ok what about another car . I say yes get me the Nissan Maxima, its in the garage they are holding it for me. She works up the paperwork I go back out to get in the car and I smells like smoke bad. I don't like smoke nether does my girl friend but I'm too tried to go back and deal with another change. We leave the airport get about 10 miles down the road on the freeway and the car pulls hard to the right. I say lets just exchange when we get to where we are going. We start calling to start the process. 1 hour fifteen minutes later we are informed that the rental car lot that is close to does not have any cars and wont have any during our trip. Our only option is to go back 60 miles to the airport to exchange. We did not go back till we returned it 5 days later.
All in all I was shocked how the rental agent told out and out lies to me and how he just added the insurance thinking that I wouldn't notice or be convinced that I have to have it. I have used Dollar for the last time. I do not do business with folks like this.

May 7, 2015

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