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1 Review updated: a DBA of Exhedra Solutions Inc operates a service that connects freelance computer programmers with buyers. As a part of this service they offer an escrow service as well. With this the buyer escrows funds to pay for the work and RAC releases on there order to the coder after work acceptance.

I completed several jobs through them and despite being ordered by the buyer to release funds to me RAC refuses to do so. They outright told me they are keeping my money.

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  • Ic
      Apr 08, 2010

    Rent a coder it's not a scam. You can see in the attached image. I am on RAC for 1 month. This is my first payment. Take a look. And believe me it's NOT a scam! :) Regards

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  • On
      May 28, 2010


    Frankly speaking it's one of the best sites on the web offering freelance jobs. But unfortunately their arbitration terms and conditions are in such a way favoring buyers relatively to a better extent rather than sellers(coders or the workers). Thus if you're a worker on New NAME for Rent A Coder), you have more an advantage as a buyer rather than as a coder or worker!

    That's a proven fact and unless this website makes correction or arbitration rules amendments, there is always a question of doubt left behind no doubt how big the site is!

    I wish they correct and make changes to their arbitration cases in a way that's impartial irrespective of it's a buyer or a worker.


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  • Tr
      Aug 05, 2010

    Don't be in a hurry to get paid if you do work through vWorker (Rentacoder). They close the pay period on the 15th and on the last day of the month. Then, somewhere in a 7 day period, you will finally get paid.
    So, if you finish a project on the 1st day of the month, it will be in the pay period closing on the 15th. Then, it may be the 22nd before you get paid. Almost a month has lapsed since you finished the project and finally... Pay Day. After Rent A Coder gets another cut of it that is.. They have already got 15% of what you charged on the site. Now, they will get 2 dollars more just to process your pay.
    In addition, what about the interest that your money is making while it sits in their bank account waiting on them to finally pay you... Who gets it? You guessed it... Rentacoder.
    What a racket they have!!!

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  • On
      Sep 03, 2010

    Let me tell you my 3 years at vWorker (known as RentACoder).

    As a user of vWorker (earlier called as RentACoder) for three years, I’m able to see things differently related to vWorker. Let me express my experience.

    First of all, VW (vWorker) charges a worker 15% as the commission. This is a fixed charge for workers. If you compare the commission amount, this is the highest in the industry. But there is this other facility. VW does not charge a membership fee. So it is quite inviting for the workers, because they do not have to spend any money at first. They just have to pay when they earn through it. That’s a pretty good idea by Ian, the CEO of VW. But from the writer’s point of view, this is like a scam. Since the terms of payments is intimidating, workers go there to try their luck. When they succeed, they stay back with VW. So VW retain a quite a good number of workers. But when you compare the earnings by workers, it is way below than at similar sites. At other sites, you pay some $150 per annum and pay only 5-7.5% commission. At the end of the year, with VW, you’ve lost too much of your hard-earned money.

    When it comes to features, VW is still catching up with some of the other sites. As an example, they do not allow groups to operate at VW as companies. Due to this, employers cannot find serious companies providing services at VW. The individuals who provide services are not quite competent when it comes to complex deliveries and lengthy projects. Many other similar sites at advantage due to this feature.

    Overall, the projects posted in VW are at lower-end, financially. I’ve observed a smooth downfall of the project values for last 3 years. During mid 2007, the employers were quite generous in paying. By now, there are projects for $1 per 500 words article. Due to different economies and living standards of 3rd word countries, there are people who are willing to work for this money. The employers also understand that they are not been delivered the quality articles or deliveries. Eventually employers get what they pay for! But as a whole, this scenario is quite disturbing to the writers as a profession and an industry. What about the writers who cannot afford to live with such low wages? This way VW and some other similar sites contribute destruction of the profession of writing. But again, this is only my view.

    Customer service is one of the main issues with VW. If you are an employer, you get a good customer service, ‘most of the time’. But if you are a writer from a 3rd world country, you are by your own. The customer service officers, usually called as ‘facilitators’ are not quite competent in technical matters as well as taking logical decisions. No offense for anyone of those, but there are many accounts that they’ve showed poor judgment. When you compare this with other similar sites, some others have far better customer service and a conflict resolution process. But some are worst than VW. If VW to compete with other sites, the company should focus more on their customer service competency. I’m sure VW can invest more money on this aspect, so the workers and employers don’t have to leave VW for other sites.

    The technology used by VW and the terms of services published by VW have many ambiguities. If you read the terms carefully, no two workers from the same household can work for VW and VW can ban such workers at any time that they wish. This is how it happens. Imagine you share the same Internet connection at home and you have two people working for VW. When you access VW website, both of workers connect through the same public IP. This is because they share the DSL connection. Time to time, VW employees identify this as possible fraud (one person maintaining two accounts, which is illegal according to the terms) and ban both users from VW. This is one occasion VW shows their technical and regulatory immaturity compared to other similar sites. Once they ban you, you face the risk of losing accumulated funds in your VW account and the reputation you built for years. Therefore, VW can focus more on advancing their technical front and managing such technical challenges sensibly.

    And finally, employers think that there are 250, 000+ workers working through VW. But the reality is little different. This is the same as with any other similar services provider. As an example, if you join VW today and complete your first project with 10 rating, you will be ranked between 6, 000 and 7, 000 of all 250, 000+ workers. What does this mean? About 243, 000+ workers have never done a project or they all have done a bad job than a new comer who completed the first job right. In reality, there are only a few thousands of workers working for VW, although the number game is high. In my opinion, this is not good news for employers.

    Anyway, this is out of my 3 years experience with VW. Hope this is useful for the people who are into freelancing.

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  • Sa
      Mar 28, 2011

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  • Ra
      Apr 21, 2011

    vWorker (New name of rentacoder) may not be a scam. I worked for more than 100 projects thro' RAC/vWorker and they used to send the payment at the specified payment cycle.
    But there are lot of other risks available if you choose vWorker for your business. You can read the details in my blog post at

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  • Ti
      Oct 05, 2013

    RENT-ACODER.COM IS A SCAM : Please note the url spelling. Some years back I used to use a lot. was not a scam. I thought I had logged in to, but had actually logged in to thanks to google.
    I do not know how they had my account details, which disturbs me. However I will find out.
    Anyway, I described my job and deposited USD 1035.- to begin my project. I then realised something was wrong when the funds balance did not show up on the financials tab. I sent them emails asking why, and got nothing other than
    1) an automated response with a ticket number
    2) another automated response telling me that more tickets would slow resolution of my problem
    nothing further.
    Taking money under false pretences is theft. There is no grey area here. Hence I am persuing this vigorously, and will find them and have them prosecuted or have my funds returned with an apology and a damn good reason for the behaviour. I will also publish every I find about them on a website made for the purpose.

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