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hi my name is karla james and i rented a couples of items from your store and after i paid out my items i have a problem with one item that i purchase and thats my computer your company sent it to a be repaired and my computer still dosen't work and i take classes online and this is putting me way back on my classes now i went to your store just to rent this laptop which i dosen't like but i need it but i have to send it back be cause i change jobs and i dosen't get paid until next week but i feel after i paid out my computer a little while after that it broke and i want another computer because i haven't had it a good while before it broke on me i'm a really good customer to your store every once in a while i'll be late but i don't mind paying the late fees because thats what i want i hope you can solve this matter that happen i really would like to here from you your employer are sometime rude in some situtation and i really hate to act the same way but i can responge in that attitude to because i rented at lease 5 items from your store and paid it out this is the only problem i'm having and i have sent other people to your store for renting things for there houses so i hope you can show me some appreciation
blame your other employer would have give me a chance and let me pay it nexts week along with the late charges like i use to but i really need a computer but i'm not trying to re-rent to own anoter one because i feel this matter could be solved better i need a responge from you about this matter sincerly yours karla james

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  • Ra
      Sep 13, 2010

    Hi Karla - I work @ RAC and I'm really sorry to hear about the laptop problems and that it's causing you to get behind at school. Did you purchase Benefits Plus on your laptop? We offer it to cover service on paid out merchandise for up to a year after you've paid it off, to cover situations exactly like what you're describing. If you didn't sign on for Benefits Plus, then our policies are that we cover maintenance and replacement while you're renting but after an item's paid off, we no longer cover it.

    If it's a newish laptop, too, though, I wonder if maybe a manufacturer's warranty might still apply?

    If you're having problems working through this issue with the folks at your store, do know that you can contact our Customer Support dept at [protected] and they can get more info from you and talk about any options you might have.

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