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Rent-A-Center / not a bad company

1 Buffalo, United States Review updated:

Ok, after reading all of these complaints, let me the one that actually thinks outside the box give my perspective about rent-a-center. my name is t.j., and i've been working for rent-a-center for a year now. i hear everyone complain about harrasing phone calls. now first off, it is not harrasment, we under the rights of the agreement can call you when you are past due. but, if you the consumer is constanly ignoring our phone calls, coming in the store with the improper payment all the time, you are the sleezbag not us. i deal with many great customers everyday, but yes we do always take chances on people that are ignorant to the world. these people (aka) the majority of people that complain about rent-a-center are the most heartless people you will ever meet. they use excuses of deathes in the family, to sickness of the family, to putting the blame of being past due on us the rent-a-center employees just to get a few extra days to pay off there bill. there are instances that i go to run by these peoples houses and the kids answer the doors but mysteriously the parents aren't home, or this one just happened to me yesterday i knocked on someone's door that was over a month past due, and they had a baby crying in the beginning and a little kid about to answer the door, but out of nowhere the baby stopped crying and i heard the parents whisper to there kid to shut the [censored] up or ill smack you just because they are a coward and wont give up there merchandise that has been unpaid for, for over a month. but, like i said rent-a-center isn't always in fault like these people make it sound like, it is a tough business to be in, you deal with some of the biggest low lifes that just sit home and don't have a job and complain about how the whole world is against them and write negative things on the se boards. thank you for ur time, tj

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  • Ka
      10th of Jan, 2009
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    TJ, I am glad you have a job...but I'm sorry the tactics used at RAC are heartless, and ARE HARRASSMENT!!! I understand that some people don't pay, but when your paying customers hit a bump in the road, you can afford to "work with them." That's not what has happened to my son, who was only late on one payment, asked to be able to catch it up on his next paydate, and was refused, threatened that they would pick up the merchandise, and don't want his money. People should not be threatened by any creditor, no matter who it is, and harrassment is illegal.

  • Al
      17th of Feb, 2009
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    I agree with karen -center is crazy...i pay my bill ontime and i just had 2 thugs try n brake into my house while i was home...i would have shot him like i told him through the husband is deployed to iraq and i wasn't about to open up for some loony that was beating on the door and tellin me that he was coming in weather i liked it or not...needless to say i called the police and they went to the store in Niles ill and reemed them is illegal what you people do...i dont care if they are lowlifes and cant aford to pay or not...there are some lines that just should not be crossed...that guy is lucky he didnt get 2 to the of these days one of you people will try and beat down the wrong door

  • Ma
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    ok, well. you have contracted with a company and agreed to pay a certain amount every month. you don't pay, they shouldn't be harrassing you at home. why doesn't rent-a-center just show up with a truck and take the merchandise, like the repo man who comes and takes your car if you don't pay? people won't open the door? i can see both sides of this story. if you agree to pay, you have to pay. if you're a month late on your credit card payment, they will be calling you. even if you agree to pay your phone bill and then don't, they are going to shut it off. i can imagine that there are some people who rent to own and really can't afford it. unfortunately, that's the rent to owns fault - they agreed to give you something without checking anything but that you have a job the day you walk in. but you would think a company this big would have some other means of either collecting their money or their stuff without showing up at someone's door and threatening them or their family. still, are we hearing the whole story from the people who are complaining? not that i'm saying you are not telling the truth - i have never rented from any company so i don't have first hand experience. but i was looking and that's how i ended up here. before i considered renting from them, i think i might want some references from them. how likely do you think that i would get actual customers? my opinion - if someone can scam you and skirt the law, or even break it, they will. you have to be very careful.

  • Ro
      12th of Aug, 2009
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    Wow. Fist let me say to '' TJ ''.. I agree with most of what you say here however, you kinda got beside yourself when you went from 'TJ' a spokes person for Rent a center to TJ the Rent a center jerk, all in 1 sentence. I '' WAS '' a rent a center customer LONG before it was rent a center, more than 19 years. I can truely say, I never had real problems however, at least 1 time a month I could walk in to make a payment on a friday and low and behold, saturday morning, rent a center was at me door, looking for the payment I JUST made the day before. Now, when the store became rent a center, it started to get very RUDE managers the NEVER lasted more than a year. Along with RUDE managers came RUDE Sales & Delivery people. in 2003, my home was robbed and most of my rent a center stuff, gone. I went to take a police report in and the manager said as he LOL'd, '' another customer claiming to be robbed.! That was the straw that broke THIS camel's back..! I made them come pick up the remaining merchandise and told them to kiss my big ###.! shortly after that, that SAME manager was on the news for Armed Robbery.! WTF..!? Now, I havent forgot about the folks on here that crying cause RAC bangs on their doors, '''''''''''''' PAY YOUR DAMN BILL..!!! '''''''''' WHEN YOU SIGNED THE PAPERS, IF YOU CAN READ, ON THAT AGGREEMENT IS A DETIALED '' WHAT IF YOU DONT PAY.'' IF YOU ARE SITTING AT HOME AND ON THE CALLER ID IS RAC, TALK TO THEM AND TELL THEM WHAT DAY YOU WILL PAY IF NOT, OPEN THE DURN DOOR AND GIVE THEM THE STUFF YOU CANT AFFORD TO PAY FOR... HOW THE HELL ARE YOUR AFFRAID OF RAC PEOPLE.!? LOL, WTH..!? OH, and TJ, b4 you comment back lemme say, again I agree with ya, just didnt understand your bipolar episode. LOL..!

  • Sc
      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    ok, i havent missed a payment and have never gotten phone calls. But RAC DID send me mattresses infested with bed bugs and now my home is infested. My kids are tired of looking as if they had a non-stop case of chicken pox and my husband has the bites EVERYWHERE. Im still waitin for them to take the damn mattresses away from my home but they havent even done that. This was my first and last time dealing with RAC. And RAC has denied to compensate us and for paying for an exterminator. They won't do anything because supposedly its OUR fault. I have a bed in my daughter's room that is very old and it is freaking spotless. the only ones infested at the time were the mattresses from RAC. So no, I'm not heartless and neither is my family. The RAC is heartless for not caring that my family is bein feasted upon nightly.

  • Ti
      19th of Jul, 2011
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    i just got home and found 5 "sorry we missed you" tags all over the front of my house...even on my flag pole! thats not harrassment???

  • Le
      3rd of Aug, 2011
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    What about when you first rent a product with people at Rent a center and you and the sales person agree on a contract to lease to buy then about 8 monts of paying on your merchandise you find out that the people that were working in the store just suddenly aren't there any more and then a new batch of sales people you know nothing about and start telling you that you have to start an early purchase option and you have two in a half months left to pay your merchandise off and now you hear you have to start new payments all over again. I was told last month that all i had was $340.00 left to pay on my merchandse and then today i was told that the amount of my merchandise went up to $380. 00 and that they couldn't tell me what the balance of the merchandise would be because i need to give them a payment and then they could tell me. I have been paying on this laptop since Nove, 2010 and now these crooks tell me that i should have gotten on the early purhase option which i was on and they never told me that my 90 days was up and now they want to charge me more for this item, and then had the nerve to call me and tell me that my payment is late. I pay$100.00 faithfully every 3rd of the month and now they don't have any reference of my payments in the system. I f i had to go through all of this ### i could have bought myself a new laptop. I thought i was helping myself out and doing the right thing, but i see im not. I have waisted time and money and they won't get another cent from me, i am taking this laptop back and if they can't give me an amount of what is left to pay on this laptop then i will call the BBB and the FCC and file compalints . Times are hard and i thought they would have understood that. I dont have money to keep waisting on something that i can't buy. I will get my money back!! Karma is a ###.

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