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1 Orlando, FL, United States

I reserved and pre-paid, (the entire cost), for a Budget rental car from the Orlando Airport, and returning to same. When I reserved the car, I declined ALL options: GPS – NO, gas option – NO, optional insurance – NO, etc.
We arrived at the airport, 11:00 pm on Thursday June 08, 2017, and went to the Budget counter. I waited in line, (by my watch!), for just over an hour, but this is not my complaint. I finically was called to the counter and the Budget representative, WAEL, started the rental process. At one point he says, “you want our insurance, right”? I say “NO”. He says, “you need our insurance”, I say, “I have Geico, I called them and I’m fully covered, I do NOT want the insurance option”. He says, “you don’t understand, you’re in Florida, you need our insurance”. Once again I say, “NO, I have my own insurance, I don’t want it”. He then points his finger at my face and says: “this is an expensive car, we have your credit card number on file, you are responsible, you want our insurance”. I say: “NO”! (this was way beyond suggestive selling, way beyond pushy, it was a threat!). He finally moves on.
He NEVER once mentioned gas, fuel or any other options for that matter. At the end of the process, almost 30 minutes later, he produces the contact and says: ”initial here, here, here, here and here”, (5 places) and sign here. Which I did. Then he says, three times: “be sure to return the car empty”. Let me make this perfectly clear, he NEVER asked or offered me the gas option, and I declined it online. I returned the car three days later. The next day I checked my VISA account and determined that I had been charged $42.56 for the gas option. (I used about ¼ of a tank of gas).
So I called the customer service number, [protected], I got from online, and I tell the Budget customer service representative this story, in more detail and with much more passion. He listens and says: I’ll document your comments, is there anything else. That’s it! No I’m sorry, no we’ll make this right, no anything other than “I’ll document your comments! Listen and learn: ”DO NOT RENT FROM BUDGET”!

Jun 13, 2017

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