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Renewal By Andersen Replacement Windows / Have nothing to do with The Real Anderson Windows company

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You gotta love the internet. Anyone can say anything and some will believe them. I can give you fact, not fiction about Andersen. Andersen Corp. built a factory 20 miles from the wood window facility to create a replacement window divsion made of composite. That replacement division is called Renewal by Andersen. All Andersen products have the AW etched in the glass. That is fact. I'm sorry to seem so sinical, but I agree with the professionals out there. People get online and get just enough information to be dangerous. I hope the internet doesn't replace our ability to reason and think.

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  • Bo
      31st of May, 2009
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    this post is 100% false - all a homeowner has to do is call Andersen corp. to find our that this is a false post. Just look at the product and the full parts and labor warranty. It is the best window on the market if you look at all the perspectives of this product. We are all smart people - get the facts then you decide. Widow are a long term investment - not just a price point - the old saying of you get what you pay for is as true today as yesterday - just do your homework.

  • Mi
      2nd of Jun, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I worked for Renewal by Andersen and am very proud to say that I worked for the ACTUAL Andersen Corporation. My insurance was through Andersen Corporation and my e-mail was the same address that the "real" Andersen has. What a silly and lazy person to write that they are not affiliated. Google it.

  • Ji
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    Renewal is more expensive than the "builder grade" Andersen because it crushes it... Custom built to 1/16", Full composite frames, 15 weatherstrip seals compared to 6 or 8, and double thick, double strength glass. Installed by Andersen trained technicians, you can't go wrong. I did SO much homework, yes I paid a little bit more, but I now know I have the best and most beautiful window installed correctly... This is an Andersen product.

  • Go
      28th of Jul, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @Jimmy2 I strongly disagree. I'm betting you are some phony Renewal By Anderson salesman. Crush it is non-sense. The only thing they crush is your wallet. You paid a "bit" more? Also non-sense. As a salesman you get a deal, BUT us non employees pay near "a king's ransom". After I had a second estimate, I felt like a fool because of YOUR greed? Immediately I took advantage of the 3 day cancel offered by our government, not RBA, and cancelled because with the extra $5, 000 I save from only 6 windows, I will give my daughter cash to help pay off her school loans. Money better used. Money saved. Money not going in GREEDY pockets.

  • Ra
      14th of Jul, 2009
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    Yes you did pay more for your Renewal windows. But if you said no to the original offer you would have got a discount, and there is always the second discount after that. These may be nice windows, but they are over priced and the sales tactics are sleezy.

  • Pg
      11th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I just finished have an estimate done and I difinitely agree that their "act now and save" is a sleezy tactic. During the sales presentation I had completely forgotten how he mentioned that if I were to go with the anderson 400 series new construction window I would pay about $1, 000 a window and that the renewal anderson window would be better and better priced since there would be no work needed to be done on the window frame. So why did his estimate after several minutes of negotiating and comparing to other estimates still come out to over $1, 000 a window! At the time I completely forget his pitch of how expensive the 400 series window would be which is probably why they pressure to accept there super duper discount price. I wouldn't be surprised if I come across other discrepencies with their estimate. Overall the window is great but for $1000 and plus per window I can't justify it especially in this economy.

  • Ji
      12th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    That sucks that you got a bad representative...

    I did get a very good discount from the rep, (over 200 per window because I paid cash) and I didn't make the decision on the spot. I looked at other windows out there and just couldn't find one that looked as nice as the Andersen Renewal. I just hate the way vinyl and fiberglass looks with the 45 degree corner welds...YUCK!! Anyway, he was very imformative and educational and did not make me feel uncomfortable at all. I don't feel I spent 1.000 plus per window becauseI witnessed firsthand what goes into that price: I had an Andersen field-tech come out for an hour to re-measure, I had a 3 man licensed and insured Andersen crew that laid down drop cloths in my house and spent days there professionally installing and actually VACCUUMED when they were done (!!!) They removed all the debris from the property, washed all the windows and went over the operation and tilt mechanism, a checklist that ensured that everything was done to my satisfaction, and gave me a tax form for my accountant...the rep even showed up, took pictures of the install and made sure all was going well. Plus, I received my 20 year PARTS AND LABOR warranty. So after going through the whole process and program, I definitely feel taken care of and totally satisfied. The web is so full of negative comments I felt the need to respond!!! Of course I thought about going with a cheaper window, but I'm staying here for the rest of my life, what's 100 or 200 per window stretched over 30 years... If I skimped and went with cheap vinyl I would probably have to replace them in 10 years, so yes, I initially I paid more, but I have Andersen's best keeping me comfortable, and I won't have to do it again!!!

  • Ra
      12th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    It sounds like you were offered the $200 discount after you didn't place an order. In other words - they would be perfectly glad to charge you $200 more if you ordered on the spot. The cash vs loan thing is an excuse. I don't know about you, but that kind of selling makes me feel like I'm dealing with a used car salesman.

    You seem to find the mitered corners of fiberglass windows ugly... How do you feel about the Andersen logo etched into the glass of every window?

    You are right the web is full of negative comments, it is also full of company reps posing as consumers.
    I just felt I had to respond.

  • Ji
      13th of Aug, 2009
    -2 Votes


    I hadn't noticed the logo until you brought it up. I had to squint to find it, was in the corner. I'll let you know when it gets lighter out how it looks! Thanks for pointing that out!

    So you are a company rep then... I see... I'm sorry
    if my positive experience with another company touched a nerve!

  • Ra
      14th of Aug, 2009
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    The purpose of this complaint board is to share information, and hopefully become smarter consumers. It is unfortunate that phonies like Jimmy use this forum to post a sales pitch. I came to this web site because I wanted to replace some of the windows on my 30 year old house. I started off by calling Andersen Renewal for a estimate. This is a major purchase for me, so I wanted to do my home work and compare products before making a purchase. I can tell you that I have bought Andersen patio doors a few years back and was happy with them.

    The original post about Renewal having nothing to do with Andersen is not true by any means, but I can understand how some one might draw that conclusion. Andersen Renewal is a franchise. It is an Andersen product, but you cannot buy Renewal windows anywhere else. So for example if you go to HomeDepot and ask the sales person about Andersen windows, they will tell you they sell the entire line, but you won't find Renewal there.

    As a franchise, Renewal is not sold by the Andersen company. You may find your local Renewal company listed with the BBB as ABC window company dba Andersen Renewal. (The dba means "doing business as") Like any good franchise, Andersen trains and sets quality standards, but it is misleading to say that Andersen Renewal employees work for Andersen. My complaint is with Andersen Renewal, not the Andersen window company. To start, you cannot get an estimate without sitting through an hour long sales presentation. (basically Jimmy has already gone through the major selling points). Half of the presentation I got was telling me how terrible their competitors are. I knew the windows were expensive, so I wasn't totally shocked when he gave me the price. I explained to the rep, that this was a major purchase for me and I wanted to comparison shop before buying. This is when he got ugly. He basically told me that all the other windows were crap, and I would be stupid to buy them. I said no again. This is when the first discount came. I said no again, and he got even more ugly.

    I don't believe the Andersen company would use this kind of sales tactic, but this is a franchise. If you research the complaints about any window on the Internet, you will find that installation is a major factor. I wouldn't trust these guys with anything. My old window frames were beginning to rot. The Andersen rep said it wasn't a problem, since they would be covering them. I talked to a contractor (friend of the family not doing my windows) and he advised me to purchase new construction windows, because the old frames would continue to rot under the replacement widow cover. No Renewal rep will ever tell you this, because they only sell replacement windows.

    I won't say which brand of windows I ended up buying (no sales pitch here), but as I said this is a major purchase I did a lot of research, and I would recommend the same for anyone in the market for windows.

  • Ji
      31st of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes


    You made all great points above, and once again it stinks that you had a bad representative. There is NOTHING worse than hearing some idiot you invite into
    your home trash major competition, or not let you do your homework...this is part of the
    reason why I went with Renewal, because the rep was confident in his product and
    knew it would shine without having to trash others once I looked around. I called him
    back because he was respectful of my wishes. Once again, this isn't a "sales pitch."

    It also seems that when consumers do complain, you are completely right once again,
    it's either because of poor installation, poor service, or bad representatives...

    On one side of my home, there are quite a few trees, and all of the window
    frames (Old Hurd windows) were rotting, along with the sills and exterior
    trim. The representative talked to me about what Renewal calls a a Full Frame
    window, or seemingly their version of a new construction window, except that
    it would be custom built... I was concerned about my shingles being disrupted,
    and the new construction Andersen I had looked at with a contractor's advice
    only came in 4" increments, which did not match up with the existing Hurd's
    sizing. So I would have had major work done to make the house fit the window,
    not my idea of a good thing, especially with the chair rails and wallpaper in some
    of my rooms.

    All the windows and frames with rot on that side of the house were ripped down to the bare studs, and the Renewal was put in with an installation flange just like I saw on the 400 series at the local Home Depot, and it actually came with full composite fibrex brickmold which snapped right over the flange to match my old stuff... Looks fantastic, with no ugly aluminum cladding or more trim to tediously paint every few years.

    I enclosed two photos of the windows (very narrow, maybe 18" wide casements on either
    side of the fireplace) on installation day with the brickmold attached, thank god no
    more paint, or the issues with caulk turning brown on aluminum cladding.

    So they don't ONLY sell "replacement windows, " they actually do sell a Full Frame/New construction window...once again, too bad the representative you had didn't apprise you of this... (I also found out by getting quotes from a local contractor to put in the 400 series in my situation that the labor and the materials were almost more than the window unit itself!) I was also happy I didn't have to repaint that side of the house with the new shingles weaved in to match. I guess it all depends on what your siding is. My home (on the Cape) is odd in that I don't have the wider exterior trim like most homes on the Cape to hide mistakes or different size windows.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ra
      1st of Sep, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Jimmy, you never do quit. Still selling the windows with some phony story. The photos and the "hope this helps" are a nice touch, But Jimmy you are a liar, and not even a good liar. All I had to do was check the links in your profile to find your other post where you pretend to be a Pella window customer.
    and look you even included a photo of those crappy Pella windows.

    "There is NOTHING worse than hearing some idiot you invite into your home trash major competition" How about the phonies on the web?

    Jimmy does make a point that anyone interested in replacement windows should be aware of. Salesman like Jimmy will do and say anything to get you to buy. I don't think Jimmy is fooling anyone. His sales pitch is so obvious, it's almost laughable. But be aware, if you do invite a rep in to give you a quote, you are more than likely facing the same thing, with a lot more pressure to buy.

    At this point you would think Jimmy would give up and go away. But Jimmy is relentless. He will either come up with some other phony story, or create a new user profile and start all over again. My advice to anyone on this or other message board, when you see a phony like Jimmy, call him out, let him know he is not fooling anyone, otherwise the phonies will take over and there will be no point in it.

  • Ji
      3rd of Sep, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Some people on the planet own two properties, and I happen to have two homes, the Cape property being my second. I've been working on investing in good energy efficient windows for the past couple of years and made a huge mistake with the Pella Impervia product in my Johnston home. (on the advice of a good friend)

    My larger investment (Harwich) is where I decided to go with the Renewal.
    So keep up your diligent "spoilsport" methods so you can feel triumphant in
    some form. You can call me a phony all you want, but the fact of the matter
    is that I'm not, and I was fortunate enough to be able to afford the Renewal
    product for my home, not settle for less by being cheap, and I'm very happy
    with that investment, which is why I posted in the first place.

    Also, the logo etched into the glass that says Andersen... without having it there
    would be like me taking the logo off a new Mercedes. I'm proud to have these
    windows made by this company.

  • Kc
      11th of Sep, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Hey Ralph! You do realize that these Reps work on 100% commission, right? Have you ever been in sales? Have you ever been in a situation where you don't know if you will be able to make your car payment unless you sell something? Selling directly to customers on their home field is the toughest thing to do and to do well.

    First, companies like this (very successful and in business for a long time), rely on 1 pitch closes. in other words, if the rep leaves without the sale, there is less than a .1% chance that you are going to call back and give him the business. This is why salesmen that s "seem" pushy. They want to do everything possible to make the sale (Discounts) so they can feed their family.

  • Ja
      16th of Sep, 2009
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    Those discounts you are talking about. The price is the price, and yes, if the customer does not like the deal on the first day, he will not like the deal tomorrow. So for the discount, the windows don’t get cheaper as you say no, the rep’s pay will. Each person has a price value for what they buy. The discount is there to meet the value. The rep pays for it. Go ahead, go to your boss every Thursday and renegotiate your paycheck!!!.
    Depending of the company and product- and I have to say that Renewal by Andersen IS a great product – it’s up to us to feel, touch and check out the product and company before buying the rep. You get what you pay. And personally, I rather deal with a big company with a reputation even if more expensive than dealing with a local contractor. I’ve been in the situation. The small guy, will go home after signing a contract, look over his notes and will ask himself: how can I save money on this job. Remember. Unless you deal with a solid well establish company, you are going to get less if you ask to pay less.

  • Ja
      16th of Sep, 2009
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    PS: Jimmy2 you make the profession look dirty. Concentrate on serving the consumer better, not treating them like idiots. You probably work for a good company, but your numbers are low, and the more you spend on the net, the less you will be successful.

  • Ra
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    As is often the case, sales people create the problems they complain about. First off there is no excuse for telling a customer anything to make a sale, and the tactic of inflating a price to increase the commission is just as bad. Everyone is entitled to make a fair profit. If you are offered less than what you think is fair you shouldn't take it. If you agree to less you have nothing to complain about. If you can't make your car payments, I suggest you consider a career change. My Andersen Renewal Rep cut the price without me asking, am I to blame for cutting his pay?

    As I said before Andersen Renewal is not Andersen. In my case I was dealing with ABC window company. Anyone considering Andersen Renewal windows should research the franchise company. Andersen window company makes good products, but you are not dealing with them. If you google Andersen Renewal complaints as I did. you will find cases of poor installation and bad customer service. Again, don't believe the sales person, you are not dealing with a big company.

    No I am not in sales. I am not saying any brand is better or worse than another. I will tell you that I purchased windows from a large company that sells and installs only major brand windows. I bought top of the line windows, with installation and paid less than the discounted Renewal price. You do get what you pay for, these were not cheap by any means, but they are not over priced either.

    Once again - If you are considering replacement windows, do your research. Do not take the word of any sales person. Jimmy2 proves my point, the sales person will tell you anything to make the sale. And BTW the Andersen Renewal salesman that came to my house drove a SUV that I couldn't afford.

  • Ca
      10th of Oct, 2009
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    According to the my Renewal By Andersen rep they don't work on commission, but get a "very nice salary" and incentives. He did push the "order now incentive price, while denying I had to order that night because there is the order now price, the order this month price and the order this year price. And yes he confessed that he used to sell Mercedes, and drove a very nice one.
    Strangely enough the Pella rep offered a quote, then offered to lower it by 5% if we signed within a week, and an addition 5% for cash payment. There was zero pressure to sign and he encourage us see the real product at the local showroom before deciding.
    According to the RBA rep, they don't have a showroom, in order to put that marketing money into buyer incentives, so all we saw were corner samples and some pictures. Hard to judge a product when you can't see it how it is assembled.

  • Ei
      12th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Let me see if I get this straight. After much debate and nashing of teeth I pick a manufacturer, get my windows installed, and by some fantastic stroke of fate I am actually thrilled with the results and decide to post my experience. For my effort I get accused of being a sneaky underhanded sales person. Nice! My question, if my sneaky plug on a particular product causes someone to run out and get that product, uh, where is my commission on that sale? Stock options perhaps?

    So after the average window shopper is subjected to glossy brochures and assurances that product xyz is the best, they go online in the hopes of getting information to help them in their decision and all they are faced with are the windows version of religious wars.

    I personally would like to chide all those "helpful professionals" out there with their efforts to out the shady-salesperson-in-disguise. That is not the useful information I was looking for. I want to hear anecdotes from folks that had windows installed. And maybe see helpful hints from professionals on what to look for. Oh and here's a tip: you don't appear professional when you get personal.

    So I will continue to read my colorful brochures, head down to the showroom and test drive the wares and make my decision. And not post my decision, cause hey, I just mightbe accused of being slimy salesperson.

  • Ak
      2nd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH einmn!! I google searched trying to find OBJECTIVE REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES with these windows. I am a young widow with 5 kids and a house to remodel since the one we dreamed of building is not going to happen since my husband died last year. It frustrates me to spend an afternoon reading all this back and forth crap. Has ANYONE put in these windows??? Are you happy?? Can you justify the cost?? I will start now so ralph does not accuse me of being a Andersen rep when this is all said and done.

    Sears came out several years ago. They wanted $12K for not even half the windows. Here is my experience so far with Bee Windows here in Indiana who are an authorized franchise for Renewal by Andersen. '

    They called from a card I turned in at a county fair. The lady was very nice and worked around my schedule. There was no issue about "both of us" being home. Yes, I have had people that will NOT come out even though they know the reason my husband in not able to make the sales meeting is because he is DEAD! The rep sat down and asked what I wanted done and what I was expecting the product to do. There was a lot we talked about my personal situation that is not up for public discussion, but I will try to tell what I think might help others. He walked around the house measuring and making notes on what I did and did not like in each room. Then he told me about the product. He told me the pros and cons to different kinds of windows, installation, etc. He said that the Renewal would help the extreme conditions I was facing with bad 1972 duct work which causes huge AC/Heat nightmares for this house. The dining room is built on a crawl at the opposite end of the house from the furnace. He grabbed the Menard's sale paper I had on my table and showed me some products on sale that would help with insulating the duct work, etc. Then he told me NOT to buy new storm doors for some of the doorways from him. Again, he pointed to the Menard's add and said, "This is the one I have. Save your money and buy this for the one area." Then we flipped through the ad and he told me what the difference was between their windows and Menard's and some of the doors I had marked to go look at. He was very honest about the money I would save but told me what to ask at Menard's to make sure the core of the door would be best to help and what to stay away from. He pointed out a few options that could do the job if I couldn't afford everything from him. He knew my concern is the window problems... cold, frosting over, wind penetrating, wood rotting etc. Doesn't sound like someone worrying about their commission, does it? He told me about the training the installers have to go through, how they put them in a hotel so they know they are hear for the duration, no sense rushing. He said they would wear booties in the house, clean up after themselves and leave it better than it was. He explained the warranties and all that stuff. He helped me sort out the color choices and even said at one point "I didn't show you that {choice of hardware} because it is expensive. These will look nice to update your house. If you ever build or buy something newer, invest in the nicer finishing touches. But for now, this will keep the price where you need it to be and your home will look very nice and update. You can get the better windows for the weatherizing and still have something to be proud of when the rest of the remodeling is done." I just fail to see the cheap sleezy salesman here!! I saw one picture window I liked better, but figuring it was more money, I didnt ask until later. When I did ask, he said, "That is actually $2506 cheaper than the one you DON'T LIKE! I just recommended it because it is what you have in there already (Living Room). But this one is cheaper so if you REALLY LIKE IT, take it! YOU HAVE TO BE HAPPY!" I also needed some really odd size ones in the garage. He said they would be $250, but if I went with the cheaper window, he would just include them and the company would take the $42 difference. No big deal." And this was AFTER the original quote, as he was walking out the door, so NO it was NOT a scheme on his part. He came back in and went through it all again and we even changed front door styles and other things. He was TOTALL fine with the 3 hours he spent here. Never pressured me to decide then. Just today, he called to see what I was thinking and I told him I was still dealing with the finances. He was perfectly polite and fine. Offered to send me an itemized breakdown of each window and door so I could pick what to leave off if I need to.

    As far as discounts, he told me that they were running a special Buy 3 get 1 free {or something like that} but I had an odd number of windows so he gave me the 25% discount off the whole job since I had so many door too. Call it whatever, it sounded fair to me. He also had references from clients up on Lake Michigan who have used them in million dollar homes to deal with the wind. One guy told him to send people up to his house if they are not sure about the windows and want to see a finished project. I might just take him up on that offer!!! I guess seeing them installed for myself might be the only way to know for sure. These were going to be about $13K instead of the $12k from Sears. I would be getting: Patio Door, Kitchen window, 5 bedrooms windows (2 of which will be Gliders on the front of the house), a big picture window with 2 Gliders on each side, Front Door w/etched glass (again, one I liked was cheaper than the one he picked, no attitude, he was happy I was happy!), Back Door, 2 screen doors, and the 2 weird garage windows. I also qualify for the tax credit and if I need any of the windows or doors moved around for the remodeling, they will come out and do that for free and work with the builder to make sure they all fit and work right. They will do the reinstall if needed.

    I THINK THE REALITY IS... it is WHICH FRANCHISE YOU GET. This one has A+ on the BBB. Found out a day after he was here that my parents used them years ago. She said the extra was worth the service and great installation and polite no pressure salesman. They did wonderful and she was excited to tell me to go with them. I was excited that I did not know that until I decided what to do.

    But now, all the crap I have been reading on the internet about these windows is really getting to me. I am not sure if I found the best out there or if I am about to get ripped to the max!!!

    Thanks for the confusion. Jimmy, just because Ralph jumped in and trashed you with no seemingly good reason, I would tend to think HE is the one that is trying to pull something.

    Integrity is everything to me. I will deal with someone more respectable and honest who treats me fairly than the cheapest person out there who is scamming me and sleezy.

  • Ak
      2nd of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    So a typo ... the $2506 cheaper is supposed to be $206 cheaper than the first window he showed me!! Sorry! My bad OOPS!! :)

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