Rene Carwile / Disconnection of DirecTv

1 United States

I disconnected my service in speaking with someone who was trying to save the account. She then noted on my account that I had accepted the offer she gave me. My service continued for 2 months without my knowledge. I received a bill for $178. and I called thinking maybe my last month's bill wasn't paid and I needed to return the HD Box. I called and the lady told me that once I return my box I would get a refund of $131 and that I needed to pay the $178 now or it would go to collections, so I did. I called back to get a label to send the box back and now I'm being told that I accepted the offer given to me back on that day I called to disconnect and the charges I paid were for the 2 months since I accepted the offer and I didn't have a box that they wanted back.


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