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Remedy Intelligent Staffing / Bad testing / deceptive practice

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Job seekers beware of Remedy Intelligent Staffing and something it calls a 40 question “survey.” As someone who has found himself on the receiving end of this company’s misleading practices I hope this will save other poor souls the insulting humiliation that it is foisting on job hunters.

After completing a more or less standard employment application, the applicant is seated at a computer and presented with the “40 question survey, ” a term which is deceptive to say the least. The answers are multiple-choice and you are given 20 minutes to complete it.

From the get-go it was clear that this was in fact a psychological screening quiz designed to trip up the applicant into revealing their weaknesses. The whole thing amounts to nothing more than a retooled MMPI report, and anyone who knows what that is knows we are talking about a farce masquerading as science. Read on...

The forty questions all revolve around these five key issues:

> Substance abuse (alcohol and drugs--perhaps half the questions were on this single topic).
> Workplace violence.
> Workplace theft.
> Workplace fraud -- i.e. falsely claiming injury, insurance fraud of any kind, etc.
> Attendance -- i.e. punctuality, sick days (legitimate & otherwise), leaving early, etc.

The applicant is confronted with these same five issues in a different way with each question, which not only ask about past history but pose *hypothetical* situations as well. To top it off the answer choices are in both absolute and shades of gray.

For me, most of these questions were a slam-dunk. I do not abuse any substances--don't even drink--and never have been violent or committed fraud or theft, so I finished the thing in only 10 minutes. The rep then informed me that due to a problem with their computers they wouldn't have the results until after their I-T man had checked them, and I would have to come back a second time to complete the application process. I was further informed that they would contact me to come back "in a few days"--a maneuver that in hindsight now appears to have been a ploy.

After a week's silence I called the rep who had seen me and was curtly told that "due to the answers [I] gave on the survey, [I did] not meet [their] hiring requirements." I further learned that I was not only disqualified from the job I had been interested in, but was banned from applying for ANYTHING with this company for "at least six months" as well. I asked for details on how I had failed the "survey" but was refused the information. And that was it: no explanation, no review, no appeal, no second chance.

Since then I have endlessly mulled the matter over and cannot think of anything I listed that would have categorized me as a bad employee. Most employers who have seen my work history have actually complimented me on it. However while answering those questions it was impossible not to have second thoughts about just what this quiz was getting at. Did they want only "perfect" applicants? Or were my responses "too perfect, " especially those regarding the substance abuse issue?

I cannot believe I am alone in having those thoughts--and I do remember situations like mine being in the news at one time or another. Either way this thing is graded it defeats its own purpose. Anyone who has committed these acts isn't going to tell an employer about it, and some of the questions are bound to have even a sincere applicant end up second-guessing themselves. And although the quiz does allow the applicant a one-time shot to change a response to any question; as the thing is administered by computer, I have no doubt that all the entries are saved. In my humble opinion the type of person most likely to pass anything like this is a pathological liar.

Curious to learn anything about this scarlet-letter-test, I looked up Remedy's website. It was quite an eye-opener. Under the "For Employers" section of the site, several "technologies" designed to ensure that an employer gets "only the best" are mentioned. Included is a blurb that applicant "personal integrity is tested, " referring to something called "X-Ray, " which is billed as a "self-screening integrity assessment." Figures are also provided about the percentage of applicants who admit any flaw--and are presumably failed--regarding the five issues. Except for substance abuse, all the figures quoted are in the low single digits, which of course says nothing about the applicants who lied. (To quote the old saying, "figures lie and liars figure.") The site finally concludes its pitch with this epilog: "If a candidate does not meet our stringent standards, they are promptly dismissed from the hiring process."

Finally, the truth comes out--and quite a different one from the innocuous "survey" that applicants are told they are taking. It would really be interesting to see how many other people have been burned by this "survey." However laudable the goal may be in screening prospective employees, things like this don't do it. And if the employer itself is going to be less than truthful, don't expect the applicant/employee to be any better.

(Attention Cliffnotes: Here's a good nut for you to crack.)


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  • Si
      25th of Jan, 2011
    +6 Votes

    I'm also having a problem with a Remedy office here in Louisville Ky. I jumped online to read reviews of this company from around the nation, and lo and behold, there are a virtual bumper crop of them! I was lied to about what the job entailed and quit after the first day (said it was free parking, it was only discounted, and on and on). Now, they're holding my paycheck - still trying to get it after 3 weeks. Avoid this company at all costs is my opinion after reading all these horrible reviews.

  • Si
      25th of Jan, 2011
    Best Best Advice +7 Votes

    One clarification to my earlier comment - I had been looking over quite a number of company review websites before I came here. This seemed to be the largest of the review sites, so I signed up. So far, I still cannot find any decent reviews of Remedy, save for one that was an obvious company shill. I wonder if I have any legal options if they refuse to pay me...

  • Fe
      23rd of Apr, 2014
    +5 Votes

    Concerned with the quality of temporary workers they send out and how they respond to complaints. Anyone have any information as to whether this is common practice?

  • Li
      8th of Jul, 2015
    +5 Votes

    The only issues I have had with Remedy is that they talked up a job as if it were the best thing ever. Made it seem like everything was so easy, but when I got there, I soon found out something different. The job itself is not a bad one, but I also feel like I was duped.

  • No
      14th of Jul, 2015
    +5 Votes

    Remedy staffing agents only care about making money off the people they hire for there short jobs. This place is a joke and should be investigated by the better business bureau as the scam all of people telling them yea you'll get hired on only shorty being let go for some dumb reason and all Remedy Staffing can tell you is that you are a temp this company is bull.

  • St
      9th of Feb, 2016
    +5 Votes

    This staffing company is full of itsself. I put in a app with this agency 2 months ago and havnt heard nothing from them and im skilled in manufactoring. There is plenty of racism with this company n i believe the BBB should get involve and shut this agency down! They are only looking out themselves and the people who needs jobs. They're a temp service that find people jobs but they don't do anything!

  • Th
      24th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    Ive dealt with remedy in erie pa i found i never got my pay on time had times it didnt post till noon friday also they never check the company itself for safety and osha regulations before placeing someone also if u ask to be placed elsewhere they dont even try to get u another job also they let u go before your hireing date and give u a bs excuse like they have no clue why you were let go they lie and dont give a ... about their employees

  • Ja
      1st of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    My alarms went off the minute I loaded the quiz. I finished it and then began a Google Search for complaints before signing up with Remedy, thus this complaint. I have no drug issues, violence issues, etc. and am not going to manufacture any to pass their test. That's perjury. The idea that the average employee is fraught with narcotic abuse, employer theft, cheating, and violent anger issues and is still employable is sad at the very least.

  • Wg
      12th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Janegoodson4 Perjury is absolutely right. I just finished the questionnaire and thought to myself? What the HELL kind of people do they hire. The questionnaire is very offensive, especially to those people whom are honestly seeking a great professional career. SMH I didn't even finish it with that being said. My integrity was attacked and my ambition was tugged so definitely felt like there are better opportunities than Remedy Staffing. From the looks of complaints I think class action suit is definitely admissable.

  • Am
      13th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    I feel the same way about the quiz. I just took the quiz this morning. Less than 2 minutes after hitting the submit button I received an email stating that they have decided to pursue other applicants. Never been a drug user, stole from an employer, had a workers comp injury much less faked one, don't have anger issues, and don't skip out on work.

  • Jo
      13th of Jun, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I also had this happen to me today here in Wisconsin!!! Lady told me I failed their questionnaire and that the job I got I would no longer be able to work there. I honestly have never used drugs or been as much as 5 mins late to a job, let alone fake an injury just so I can get out of work. I'm a current college student in need of a job and this just wasted my time and money!! I hope this company gets taken down before it happens to anybody else. Made me feel terrible!!

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