ReloGulf / 1.Poor Service 2.Damaged goods.

Queensland, Australia Review updated:

1.We used RELOGULF to ship our household items and motorbike from Dubai to Australia in October 2011. We were promised to receive our household goods within 4-6 weeks and finally took possession of them after 4 months. Our shipment was missing our mattress which RELOGULF had just forgotten to load. They didn't notify us that an item (mattress) was not loaded with our shipment and we were left to sort out the problem with the handling agent in Australia as the manifest said it had been loaded however was not there. Once I notified RELOGULF of the missing item they then said they would load it on the next shipment to Australia, when that would be they could not confirm. To date it has been 6 months since we had RELOGULF ship our goods and we are still without a mattress.
2.We also used RELOGULF to ship my husband's motorbike. As we were still awaiting the import permit to Australia they stored the bike for us until the permit was processed. Once processed we contacted RELOGULF to go ahead and ship the bike. We had organised and paid for the bike to be cleaned and crated (6cbm) and shipped to Australia. The bike was not cleaned but the worst was that the bike was not securely crated and was placed in a container with a few places bubble wrapped!! We had asked specifically for photos to be sent of the crated bike and this is RELOGULF's version of crating! When we contacted RELOGULF we were told at first that this was just for transport to the docks were there it would be properly cleaned and crated. Apparently they lied about this and the bike was shipped without crating. We contacted RELOGULF again were they confirmed the bike was not crated and refunded us the difference of the space the bike took up in the container against the original 6cbm they had charged us for. The problem for us wasn't the money. Our concern was how the bike would survive shipment without any casing. Our worst fears were met when the bike arrived in Australia we received photos from the handling agent in Australia showing extensive damage to the bike including the tank totally dented in and extensive scratches all over the bike.
Dealing with RELOGULF has been the most unprofessional, stressful, disappointing experience of my life. They promise superior service and to date this has been the worst service from any company I have ever dealt with. Constant phone calls go unanswered. Emails take weeks to be answered. Goods fail to be shipped or are shipped so damaged it would have been better to sell in Dubai rather than ship and deal with all this stress.


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  • Mr
      6th of Jun, 2012

    The Managing Director, Mr. Neil Price is the big crook in the company Relogulf who is tricking international clients bt breaching signed agreements, cheating and blackmailing international clients as of evidence based documentation.
    This case has been referred to Interpol as they tried to sell off our stolen goods.
    More infos will be posted here soon.

    We were European clients of Relogulf and have started legal actions against Relogulf and action against Relogulf via Interpol and public media reports will be published about Relogulf and other co-partner companies from Europe.

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  • Kt
      4th of Feb, 2013

    I wish I had done my homework and seen these complaints and the others just like this before I too chose relogulf..My story is all too similar but it is now 4 months and still ongoing...The most frustrating part is there is no legal recourse and we cant sue these unprofessional and incompetent liars...I paid for a 40 ft container only to find out months later it was still sitting in Dubai while they tried to make extra money and charge someone for the excess space in the container...then eventually when it arrived here in Australia The container was siezed because they hadnt paid the freight forwarder...this is still ongoing and I just want it over...I urge anyone who even thinks about Relogulf to use a big name branded company and not these crooks...that is unless you enjoy the stress and hardship, which you will go through when dealing with them. they are amateurs at best...Hope you go out of business Relogulf so that you cant do this to anyone else!!

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