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Reliance Wi-max / Reliance Wi-max services - don't go for it!

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Would wanna inform that I wanted to take a Wi-max connectivity in Bangalore through reliance and I am facing lot of problems getting the service. Initially when the agents who had to collect the form and installation charges came down they promised installation of equipment in 8-10 days. But then even after 15 days when you try calling them, they either tell they don't have a work order in hand or they don't pick the calls or either switch off their mobiles. When I could get hold of one of the agents he tells all the login, work order etc..etc..are in place and will be sending the technician the next day, but nobody turns up. The agents through whom I've applied are one Surya Prakash (Ph: [protected]) and Mohan (Ph:[protected]) who are not even bothered to receive the calls or neither do anything about the same. Due to the deficient service, I am planning to approach the consumer court for help. It is otherwise they need to give a definite period by which they can install or provide the service, or they should return the amount paid for the service that has not been provided.

I never knew I would face all these problems with Reliance broadband and stuff... Its really so bad a service I really don't wanna look at reliance for the same and any other services that it could provide.

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  • Se
      26th of Jun, 2007
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    What Deepesh telling is absolutely correct. in my case, I got the connection on 13 June 2007 but i am unable to connect the network.

    I complained lot with the customer care no one has responded me. So i am planning to terminate my connection. Its really a bad service in Bangalore.

    My Suggestion is - Don't take wimax connection in reliance.

  • Sr
      26th of Jun, 2007
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    I go wit them. I got d connection two weeks ago n still i cant work in it. They really spoiled our weekend and made us to wait for them whole of saturday and finally came by five thirty in d evening n was installed d antenna, still they are not get things done and left by eight and next mrng came by ten n worked on it. It finally got connected, when i tried again it didnt get connected, when i inquired him he said lik it vl take time to work n there vl b no problem as it have already got connected. I tried after one day , it got connected n went off in 2 minutes. The same problem exists till now. When i checked it out wit the supervisor "reddy" , he says he cannot help it in blore. When i checked it out wit d customer care, they say they dont have my details at all. I really got mad about this. I advice all of the readers not to go for "reliance wi max" connection.

  • Bh
      29th of Jul, 2007
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    My situation is even worse. I have got the connection but it always has problems. There is not a single week where it worked continuously without me calling customer care regarding connectivity problems. I have started to really hate Reliance Broadnet (WiMax) services. Could any one suggest me another provider who can give me good service.

    FYI, Airtel does not provide connection in my area.

  • Ra
      3rd of Sep, 2007
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    My Story is no different than others about the experience about Reliance Wimax Connection. I had subscribed for a connection almost 2 1/2months ago. It's even more than that now. Still struggling for a connection. I call them up and every time they say - "We'll get it done latest by tomorrow." And today they told me, please fill up the application form again we'll give you connection on a priority basis. The Customer service is really worst. The Agent through whom I took the connection either doesn't pick up the call, or tells some or the other reason and worse his number is unreachable most of the times. It has become really irritating now to call them up every few days and not getting any output or response. Really Very very bad customer service. It's really a very bad experience with reliance. Same thing happened with one of my friends and he wanted his money back but they haven't yet refunded the money as well. Never had such a bad experience with any of the Internet providers.

  • Ra
      3rd of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    Now I am waiting to get my BSNL Broadband Connection.

  • Pa
      11th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    Never apply for Reliance WiMax connection... They didn't provide the connection for the last one month. The helpdesk is not reachable now :-(

  • Ar
      13th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    Yes, their service is the worst! I got the connection couple of weeks ago. But getting connected to the net is really a nightmare. I had times when i tried several hours to connect still unable to.

    Am planning to terminate the connection. Don't ever think of going for Reliance Broadband

  • Ra
      17th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    Reeely very very bad...............................
    It takes me one hour of checking the signal ...releasing reneing IP...disconnecting and reconnecting modem and restarting computer...........

    Reliance Wimax sucks....
    Whenever i call customer care they say they have put my complaint on high priority..i have called them all ### i can including thier mom dad,,,,
    still only poor custcare executives suffres..they are taught nothin more than going to STRT then goto RUN then goto CMD then type IPCONFIG...after that they say u are getting a wrong IP...we will send engineers..and none of the idiots came so far..
    ###ing reliance sucks

  • Ka
      20th of Sep, 2007
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    I am Kamal residing in Bangalore. I got the Reliance Wi-Max connection installed 15 days ago. Since then it was up and working for only 2 days. Rest of the days it is down. I don see the LED of the port glowing at all. Called up the customer care, they say my details are not listed in the system. The agency that maintains the technical team should be sending them the details after which they will be able to see it in the system. After a weeks time I mailed them reporting the issue, they don't respond to the problem. I have told them that of the 15 days only 2 days I got the service, the bill has to be prorated. If they keep fooling , I suppose I shall take it to consumer court... Dear readers the only way is to beat them by not using any of their service.

  • Su
      25th of Sep, 2007
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    Please don't take the wimax connection. Reliance has the worst customer care and billing system. Ever since I took the connection I am facing problems. I don't have connection and the customer care people do not care to look into the issue. I have logged many complaints and wasted a number of phone calls which are apparently not toll free from other mobiles except reliance. But the billing part was done so meticulously inspite of complaining to the reliance operations manager. I have decided not to pay the bill. There is no responsible person in the reliance hierarchy. I made a big mistake taking this connection.

  • Ma
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    I need help on installing Wimax on Windows 98. Reliance has hired 3rd party guys to install. These guys are not technical guys. They came home did the wiring and installed the Antenna. They checked the connection on their laptop and activated my account. They could not configure my system because i have Win 98. Can somebody please email me the procedure to configure Wimax on my Windows 98 computer. I did configure as advised by the customer support, but my system is not receiving ip address from Reliance server. My questions are:

    1) How do i confirm my lan card recognizes the adapter provided my reliance
    2) Is my lan card working fine
    3) Is my Antenna receiving signals
    4) Why am i not getting ip address from reliance server
    5) Anything else i need to know

  • Bj
      28th of Sep, 2007
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    I am another victim of Reliance Wimax.Aplied for the connection more 1.5 months back and got it finally last Friday after a lot of calls made to the dealer (during one call they said the customer requested for a cancellation so not done the installation).the speed was poor (2 Mbps /4GB was my scheme) ,it just disconnect in between downloads making me to redownload it again.but from Monday onwards the connection got completely stopped. I lodged the complaint on last monday and was given a complaint no:.I called on Wednesday again as no one shown up.Then I was told that my call is found closed in their system(!),and given a fresh no:.again on Thursday when called another promise that on Friday somebody will make it.On Friday evening I called again and I insisted the call to be escalated and wanted to talk to the manager.After holding for 20 minuets somebody else pick the call and I got the same promise again that some body will attend it soon. Now I have given them time till tomorrow noon and if nobody shown up,I will terminate the connection. I have the airtel pillar in front of my house but patient for the wimax connection because I wanted to encourage the new technologies. I expected some technical difficulty as this is a new system but expected that somebody will take care of it too.But now I feel ,I shouldn’t have opt for it.

  • Aj
      1st of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am having a very bad time with this Wimax service. For the last 3 days I hv activated the conenction but I hv not been able to browse even for 3 hours.

    The technical support team is full of ignorant people and they are cluless abt everythingyou ask. The agents who are collecting the documents are also unreachable.


  • Ma
      3rd of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Reliance sucks !!! is all I can say after my horrible experience with Wi-max. After couple of unsuccessful tries from them to install Wi-max at my place I decided to withdraw my application. This was about a month ago and till date I haven't heard anything back from them. I find it ridiculous that a company like Reliance could act so unprofessional and like cheats. The whole wi-max experience left such a bad taste, the installation guys are like bozos who don't know what they are upto and it is a total waste of time and energy.
    I have given up and am not sure if they will ever return my money back. The customer care people have no clue on what is happening. In future I would stay away from whatever Reliace offers even if it is free!!!!!

  • Gl
      8th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Reliance Wimax really s*cks. Majority of our time goes in trying to get a connection. But once connected, it works fine. The actual trouble is getting connected. The Customer Care is hopeless. They treat customers, as though we're dependent on them or stuck with them.

  • An
      9th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    The problem with the Reliance wimax service is either their server is down or the signal strenth is weak. I have been using the service for the last two months. At a stretch for 2 weeks their server was down. Nowadays I get the connection only in the morning. Most of the time after connection, it works well.

  • Go
      10th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Below is the mail which I had sent to the Reliance guys...till date there has been no response form their you can realize the fact that Anil Ambani and Co. are just taking people of India for granted.

    "This is to inform you that in spite of repeated complaints to your Customer Care(30337777) via phone from 17th Sept 2007, till date my Internet access is still not working; over this period I have spend considerable time, energy and money in contacting Customer Care every time I have attempted to connect.

    Repeated and umpteen assurances from your customer care people saying "your problem will be solved very soon", "we will get back to you as soon as possible" have yielded no results. On multiple occasions your customer care people have even *refused to take down my complaints saying that the old complaint is still open*.

    If my problem *is not resolved by this 10th October 2007*, I will have deemed that Reliance Communications is making no attempts to look into the matter, upon which I have decided to register a *Police case for fraud* *against the company* and *take the matter up with a Consumer Protection Tribunal*.
    I have also decided to *highlight this matter in leading national dailies and over the Internet so as the general public are informed of Reliance Communications pathetic and negligent attitude towards its customers*."

  • Al
      10th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hi ,

    Till the time u get connection for Wi-max , they are very prompt in clearing all your doubts, once the connection is made they are least bothered.

    I Am asking Reliance as a company , is it fair to cheat people and have reliance name in te list of India TOP RICHEST companies.

    I got an experienced how reliance occupied the top richest slot, by cheating people.

    In will never suggest to go for RELIANCE Wi-max CONNECTION , In short it is better not to have any connection than having Reliance Wi-max.

  • Na
      11th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes


    I am from Bangalore. I took the Wi-max connection from reliance. The service is pathetic. Please don't go with the Reliance Wi-max connection. There DHCP server will be down some twice or thrice in a week (I have experienced it). Apart from this, there is some serious problem with their instrument (indoor). If you call their customer care, they will give you a call report number. There after you keep on calling them. Every time they will say the same thing, "We will look into the matter". I am tasting the same thing for last 4 days and no action has been taken.

    So guys, I will advice every body "NOT TO GO WITH RELIANCE" .

  • Se
      31st of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I think you guys are very lucky that you did not get the connection from reliance. I got reliance 2Mbps/4GB connection and have received a bill of 3500 for just 4 days. It was really a shock for me, considering I would have used for 6-7 hrs for the 4 days with no downloads. And these people are regularly calling me and threatening me to paid the bill, to which I said there is some issue with the bill. These people answer me that mine is very less bill, people are getting more that 25000 per month.

    For them its ok...I have sent mails to couple to people in reliance and do not have any reply from them. The service is really poor and now I am wondering that should I do now.

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