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Reliance Relocation / I would not recommend this company to anyone

1 295-299 Newark AveJersey City, NJ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1.800.949.6169

Please read the details below of what I had to deal with for the last 2 weeks.

On 4/18/08 I hired Reliable Relocation to move my brother from Palos Park, IL to Elizabethtown, KY. We set it up for the pickup to be on 4/24/08 and the deliver in KY would be 4/25 or 4/26. I received a call on 4/21 and Reliable Relocation asked if they could pick up a day earlier and this way it would definitely be in KY on Sat 4/26, we agreed on this and it was picked up on 4/23/08. I spoke with the Driver Udi and he told me he had one more pick up and then he was heading to KY the next morning. I was told that the delivery would be done on 4/25 or 4/26. This did not happen. I tried calling the office and no one could give me any answers and that I would have to speak to dispatch and he was out until Monday. When I called back on Monday 4/28 I was told by Asi that he would call me back in 10 minutes. This man never called me or my brother back. The problem at this time is that my sister in law drove from Indiana to Kentucky on 4/27 to pick up her items that were on this truck

since we were told it would be there on Sat 4/26. She wasted over 6 hours of her time driving for nothing.

On Monday 4/28 I received a return call from Asi stating our items were never put on a truck and that they were loading it on another truck as we spoke. I asked him what this was all about since the driver said he was going right to KY. He couldn’t answer me on that. About 2 hours later as I spoke to Kelly in customer service I was told the tuck left an hr ago and the delivery would be on 5/2 if not guaranteed on 5/3. Asi personally guaranteed this verbally with my brother. Then a short time later I was told it wasn’t loaded and they were putting it on a special truck just to make our delivery. Well this never happened. Between my brother and me we contacted the company all weekend and even called the Asi’s cell phone number numerous times to get some answers which we never got. I explained to Asi that my brother had nothing and his medication was packed in one of the boxes and that he needed it. He only took what he needed for the 4 days. Every time we called we were told I’ll ca

ll you back in 10 minutes, which was never done. We are getting copies of our phone records to show the owner how many times we had to call. In the office we spoke to Larry (who was very very rude) Henry (who’s hands were tied but did try to get answers, but then ended up getting very aggravated), Mary who also was rude, and Todd (who was dumbfounded about this situation. There were times I would call and Larry would put me directly on hold or tell he didn’t have time to deal with me because he had other customers to take care of and I was wasting his time. I was also hung up on numerous times. And they wonder why I was calling back?? I also left at least 6-7 messages for Kelly in Customer service and she never called me back. By Sat evening I contacted our local Police and also the police in Jersey City to see what I should do, and they suggested that I file a report that the items were stolen. My brother and I decided that we would wait to Monday to see if we could get any ans

wers and was still praying for the delivery.

On Monday 5/5 I finally got through to Asi (Dispatch) and was told the delivery was going to be made today and that I would get a call from the driver. I asked why we weren’t contacted when the delivery wasn’t made as scheduled and he couldn’t answer me. After a few hours I got back in touch with him since I never received a call. I told him I would stay on hold until he got in touch with the driver to call me. During this time on hold I received a call from another company (Olympic Relocation-Susan) who informed me that they had our delivery and would be making the delivery on 5/6 if not first thing 5/7. This was a shock to me since I was told it would be delivered from Reliance on numerous previous dates. I got back in touch with Asi @ Reliance and asked what was going on and why I was lied to for 2 weeks. He said Olympic was owned by the same person so they are considered the same company. Which this is another lie they are two separate companies and do some moves for each other

. During this conversation I was told that I was being a nuance by calling all the time and that I was damaging their phone system. Asi’s other comment to me was “I thought you were bright but it is obvious you’re not” and that I was being a pain because I was always calling. Also Asi got really upset and yelled “Jesus Christ”, I said what and he said I said “ Jesus Christ”. My comment to him was “now that is really professional. He proceeded to yell at me that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I will be honest and say by this time I was not nice because of all the lies and delays. All I wanted was answer s to my questions and our delivery. Asi told me he didn’t have to answer my questions because I wasn’t his boss. I told him I am the customer and I have every right to get answers. I never did get the answers I was entitled to

During this whole situation I requested a fax or an email from Asi or Kelly with the details and total balance that we owed and never received it or got a call back.

On 5/5 I got back in touch with Susan at Olympic and asked if she could find out when they received our items. She sent me a fax with our total due and a note stating that per her dispatch department that Reliance dropped our shipment off to them approx 1 week ago and it has been sitting in their warehouse in Illinois waiting for a truck going to KY. Our items finally left Illinois on 5/2. So what went from a 4 day move turned into a 14 day move. At this time I figured I don’t have to deal with Reliance anymore that I will be dealing with Olympic.

On 5/5 I contacted Asi @ Reliable and requested a discount since I was lied to, hung up on and inconvienced for 2 weeks. He said he would think about it and maybe give me $ 50.00 off. About an hour later he called (SHOCKER) he said for my brother and I to come up with a dollar amount that we feel would be a good amount to pay. I thought this was very strange. On 5/6 I contacted him and told him to take off $985.00, the balance was $ 1985.00. He requested that I put it in writing that we agreed on this and that I was a satisfied customer and to fax or email it to him. I emailed the letter to him (NOT stating I was a satisfied customer, because I am not) and also emailed this to Olympic and then contacted him to make sure he received it. He said once I got it though my head that the owners of the company were the same person that he might consider the discount. He said he would get in touch when the driver was there to make the delivery. I asked him to just do this so he wouldn

’t have to deal with me ever again and his reply was I will think about it and and do it at my convenience with a nasty attitude. Susan at Olympic also emailed Asi to get an answer and he never replied to her. I did speak to the drive this morning and was informed the discount was put through. Again he Asi was inconsiderate and didn’t get back to me.

I have left numerous messages that I would like to speak to the owner of the company (Josh Auramovich) to inform him what we went through and was told he is out of the country. I am willing to fly to NJ and sit across from him to go over everything. I would not be surprised that I am not contacted because I am sure they will not give him the message. We were also informed by another employee of Reliable that any complaints that go through the company are dealt with by Asi. This is a problem because he is the one we have the major problem with.

This company did not understand that my brother had nothing for 2 weeks. They should be responsible for the additional cost that he incurred over the two week period since he was stuck. If we would have know this was going to take two weeks he could have come back to Illinois to take care of some business. He was also suppose to start a new job on 4/28 but didn’t because he was told his delivery would be there that day.

This company’s customer service and dispatch are just unbelievable. As a customer I don’t feel I should have been treated this way and talked to this way. My husband and I own a Painting & Decorating Company and would never, ever treat our customers like that. I am really surprised that they are still in business.

The bottom line is if we were at least contacted and told the truth about the delivery or that it was farmed out to another company and that it was going to take a lot longer than 4 days we could have dealt with it and wouldn’t have had to be inconvenienced for 2 weeks. I still feel what we paid was still outrageous for everything we went through.

I would not recommend this company to anyone and I am going to proceed to report them to as many companies as I can.

Denise Wyka


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  • Fa
      21st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    There is a possible legal action taking place against them with many folks who have a story to tell just like this. Please email me so I can direct you to a legal contact who is working on this.

  • Ji
      22nd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    If anyone would like information of the alleged fraud that Reliance Relocation and/or Accurate Movers may be involved in you are free to contact me. I am assisting that person pro-bono at this time just because the circumstances are so shocking and these people need to be scrutinized.
    I because of this scam yesterday after talking to a professional who made a move from Lansing, Michigan to Oregon. To this day, we are unsure where her property is located.
    I am meeting with officials of the Michigan Office of the Attorney General and the Michigan State Police in Lansing today to discuss these allegations. If others wish to be included you are welcome to contact me.
    Michigan doesn't take to these type scams and will prosecute to the full entent of the law. Even if your move did not involve our state let me know. I'm sure the AG can notify the appropriate law enforcement entity in your state.
    Jim Carlin
    Justinian Investigative Services
    344 Clayton Avenue
    Battle Creek, Michigan 49017-5218
    Tx- 269.963.7068

  • Ri
      29th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was moving from Ohio to Vermont and had decided that I didn't want to move myself. I called Reliance because they had had the best deals and said that they could promise me that it would be in Vermont on the date that I needed.

    In the short amount of time (two days) I had decided to move myself. Packing was going to be the issue, and I didnt want to do it. I called Reliance back and told them that i would no longer need their services and to please credit my account. Reliance told me that everything was all set, and that the credit had been issued. Thinking nothing of it, I went to Budget Rental, rented a truck, and then proceeded to pack and make the drive back myself.

    A month later I receive my credit card statement, and low and behold the amount of $430 dollars (my deposit fee) was still on my credit card. I called Reliance Relocation and asked them about it. They told me that Josh was on the phone and that he would call me back when he was off the phone. I waited for over an hour, and decided to call back. A man answered the phone and told me that he was really sorry, and that he knows that the money is mine and that someone will be getting back to me. No one did. I then called the next day (Friday) and was told that the person in billing was BUSY and that they would have to call me back. Again I waited for almost three hours. I preceded to call back again, and this time was told that there was no one in Billing and that I should call back on Monday. I had told this man that I had already called a dozen times and to no avail.

    Monday came and first thing in the morning I called. When I tried to get billing, it went straight to voice mail every time. So, I tried rental and reservations, and someone immediately picked up. I was informed again, that Josh was out of the office today. I told this woman that i had been giving the run around all last week and that I was not getting off the phone until something was done about it. She then informed me that she would call Josh and have him call me back as soon as he could. She couldn't do anything more for me, and that she was just deeply sorry. I kept hearing the same thing from everyone, that no one was there to help me, that the person I wanted was out of the office, that they were deeply sorry, and that someone would call me back.

    This issue is STILL unresolved. Please I urge you. DO NOT use this company. They are out purely for money. They are a bunch of scam artists who will take your belongings and your money.

    Richard Savard

  • Di
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    These guys need the worst treatment, and should be jailed. They held mys tuff for ransom and told me to pay $400 more, and told me that only them they will despatch the stuf.. From what i understand, they give you a much lower quote just to get you to accept their quote and take an advance. That is their commission. Then they give it to other relocating companies like" ALl Inclusive moving transport", and then they get in touch with you, and ask more money. What legal action can be taken against them. It is so disheartening to see that so many people had to go through the same experience as I had to . I posted negative reviews on the web as much as I could just to help people avoid them, still I find so many victims.

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