Reliance Protectron / Account closure fees

When I signed up with Reliance the salesman was nice and helpful. He explained that I wasn't to worry about the contract length because you could cancel at any time for a small fee.

Fast forward 1.5 years and I've sold my house (because it's too expensive), I cannot transfer the alarm system to the condo I'm renting (they won't allow it) and Reliance Protectron is saying I'm going to need to pay $750 in fees!! That's not a "small fee" to me and it certainly doesn't sound like I can cancel at any time.

I spoke to a supervisor named "Victor" and he was trying to convince me that $750 penalty was a deal because it could have been $2000!

Well Victor, I have news for you $750 is NOT a deal. I'm willing to pay a "small fee" as I was promised. I even went as high as to say I'd pay $300 and drop this, I'm moving and I have bigger and better things to spend my time on.

He refused my offer and said $750 was as low as he could go. He didn't seem to care that I would be posting their misleading sales practices online either.

A word of warning. Stay away from this company.

This is a clear example of misleading sales practices.

Mar 30, 2016

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