Reliance Home Comfortnew furnace not working properly, cannot get anyone to come and look at it

We had a new furnace installed on Thursday March 17th and within the first hours of completion we noticed that the furnace is blowing cold air and not heating properly. Today is March 20th and we are freezing as the furnace is irregularly blowing cold air and we have contacted the number we were given to get someone to come and look at it but no luck. One technician "guessed" the problem over the phone instead of coming home and confirming what the problem is. The 1-866 number for the Brampton branch was not helpful this morning, she told us that she cannot get a hold of the contractor and she will mention this to her supervisor. We were not allowed to talk to any supervisors on the phone, we were not given any email addresses or numbers where we can reach a higher authority. We chose this company over Enercare based on their furnace price and payment plan and the guarantee that the sales guy (Jamie Lanys) gave us on service and maintenance. It has been only three days after we signed a contract for a brand new furnace for $5100 plus tax and we have had nothing but problems. We cannot even talk to anyone to get help. This morning we called the technician who installed the unit and gave us his own number, it sounded like he hung up on us and the second time it went to his voicemail. We do understand it is weekend however their promise is to provide service 24/7 and we don't think they follow their motto " we are not comfortable until you are" !!! We have been trying to find a contact other than the phone operator at the end of the 1-866 number however we are not able to. At this point we are extremely unsatisfied with the product and more so with the service and we would like to cancel our agreement IF we can find someone to talk to about this.

Thank you for your help.

Mar 20, 2016

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