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North York ON, Canada
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In November, 2016, Reliance Home Comfort charged my elderly sister, who suffers from vascular dementia and who has been in long-term care since June, 2016, $11.30 for an invoice to confirm that she had paid out the rent-to-own money for her furnace and air conditioner. We needed the invoice/letter because her house had been sold and we needed to prove to the new owners that the appliances were paid for. Despite several conversations with different Reliance "staff, " where I told them invoices for money exchanged were required by law and that they couldn't charge for them, they passed the $11.30 onto a collection agency. Reliance is a master of rip-off. My sister did not need the new furnace or air conditioner; her old ones worked just fine, but some Reliance con artist showed up at her door and convinced her she needed them and that she could afford them through rent-to-own at $180 per month. We figure she paid over $12, 000 for the pair, once we bought them out. Well done Reliance. You took advantage of an elderly widow, in the first stages of dementia. You must be so proud of the money earned from her.

Feb 3, 2017

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