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Reliance Data Card / reliance fraud!

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I purchased reliance datacard one week before. And it was clearly mentioned that the speed i will get will be 156 kbps and the downloading speed will be minimum 20kbps. And believe me the offer seems to be completely fraud as i never got the speed more than 20 kbps and forget about downloading. You have to wait at least 2 minutes for a page to open.

I feel I have lost my money... can anyone help me out? How can I complain against this fraud policy? Advise smb!

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  • Jo
      21st of Sep, 2008
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    The service provided by reliance is very bad
    i have bought reliance zte modem 20 days before from reliance, bathinda.
    its service is very bad and downloading as well as surfing speed is very ver slow (10 to 15 kbps) which is not even one fourth speed as specified in its manual provided by reliance.

    i comlaint about this many times at reliance customer care as well as its local office but nothing happens.i have convey him many time my official site is must be open for me but that never be open while i have purchaged that card the site is they just give me fake assurance that this is technical problem for short time and we are workintg on it but it is about 20 days nothing happens in this service improvement.

  • Ni
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    I am putting a copy of my mail which i sent to the reliance customer care and which describes the horror of taking a Reliance Data Card .


    This is to bring to your kind notice the real trouble i have been subjected to due to the careless and callous service provide by your company.

    I am giving below the details of the complaints below and want to notify that this is on a serious note an dif not addressed properly and immediately i shall be compelled to file legal complaints.

    - I took a Reliance Data Card through a Reliance guy on 2 months free connection basis, when later contacted after 15 days the guy said he is no more in Reliance, an irony.

    - I struggled for almost more than 1 and a half month to get it modified to Rs 300 plan starting 15 days before my service expiry date and not to the default Rs 600 plan.

    a) I tried calling from my data card to the customer care on *333 from my datacard but "all invain".

    The datacard was not able to call to the customer care number or for that matter to any other number. It seemed to have an application level problem.
    I tried to contact another Reliance guy whose number was given to me by the Reliance guy who gave me the Data card and then left the organistaion.
    The person's name was Narayan Mondal, Mobile No. 9330809487 complaining that " No Call" is going out of the Data Card. He said it may be a temporary fault and asked to keep trying which wasted 2 weeks.

    b) He asked to call on a customer care number of Mumbai 022-3033 3333 and when i tried to call from my hutch phone it kept saying that "the services to this number are temporarily withdrawn"

    Thinking it to be a temporary problem i tried for another 4- 5 days.

    c) Later after failing in all these ways i requested him to modify the plan to 300 himself which had been a continuous request the day i am pursuing with him.

    d) I was angry on that the plan was not modified even after my continous persual.
    Point to be noted is that i did not use the services at all for all the months before.
    Wen conatcted time and again Mr Mondal said he had put a " Service Request" for the rental plan modification from Rs 600 to Rs300.

    e) By that time the bill for 10 days on 600 Rs. basis came for Rs 263.

    f) There was a senior member who called after my complaint named Rajiv or some Sanjiv Khanna from the Kolkata branch...most probabs i think he was from the collection department.
    He asked for sorry but said in a very emotional and unofficial way " I request you folded hands mam...kindly pay the bill " I will take care of your loss in the coming 6 months.

    His folded hands language was so deceiving ...anyways thinking him as an elderly person ..i agreed...

    g) I tried to make payment by registering to the portal but that does not help as the password confirmation message was iinformed on the portal to reach the Data Card which had by that time became out of service .

    h) I was wrongly informed by one of the many troubling and poking Reliance people who keep calling for the bil payment that the payment center is in Salt Lake City Center.
    When i went there they said its not here.

    i) So again when another person called after another 3 4 days for bill payment i asked him about the shop location, ...He said he does not know exaclly but can give the number..(Another Irony)
    Finally i came to know the exact address by calling the Salt Lake Reliance Center.

    j) By this time they said that the bill has reached around 900 bucks with another rental of one month on Rs 600 basis.

    God forbid, I did ot use the datacard previously so that i can use only when the plan has been modified. Till now the Service Request for modification seems to have been not processed though Mr Mondal said it should be functional in 2 days.

    I tried calling lot many places including the Customer
    Care number 022 30033 5555 which i got after much Hue and Cry.

    And we should really appreciate how sadly Reliance has recuited the most incompetent people who can not speak 1 line completely in English.

    On the customer Care number ...I akse for why my e- statement was not coming and other bill details.
    The great customer care executive seemed to faint at trying to answer with no proper database with him to help me. I asked him to connect me to some Senior Executive but the result was that i was just put on hold for 25 minutes.

    The conclusion of all this is that in no case i am going to pay for the another month bill on Rs 600 basis moreover when there was no service even paying 300 bucks for no service is unjustified.

    You need to interfere asap... and solve it and also i should be bale to surrender the connection as so many other good service providers like Airtel are there.

    Reliance made my life troublesome and suicidal..

    I want the charges to be removed asap or else i shall file }

  • Pr
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    Totally agree with Nidhi Sinha's complaint. I faced the same problems:

    a) Incompetent customer care staff in Mumbai (even after selecting 'English' as the language from their IVR, I was put thru to a Hindi-speaking executive - no offence meant to Hindi-speakers, but why have a menu option of English then !!!)

    b) The Mumbia customer care numbers printed in the Manual and everywhere else is all wrong. That number (some 3033...) is long out of service. You have to call *333 from your data card (and what if the data card itself is the problem ???). After that also, for technical queries (like 'no connectivity to net'), they ask you to call another number (ending in 5555).

    c) They ask you all details of your problem, then say that they'll transfer the line to someone. In many cases (4 times, in my case), the transfer never happens and the line gets cut. In the rare case, it gets transferred, the other person makes u repeat everything, including the name of ur dog, cat's birthday, etc. And after all this, that idiot is not able to solve ur problem.

    d) The 2-month free period is a big FRAUD. They easily charge you a huge amount the 3rd month to make up for this 'free' period. I got a huge bill of 3000 Rs in the 3rd month (I had changed from their default plan of 650 Rs to a lower plan of 174 Rs per month). The month after that, I get a bill for 2900 Rs ! They offered me a lower monthly plan of 124 Rs. I took it thinking bills will be lower this month - but today, I get a bill for further 2900 Rs !!!

    Its a big sham - this reliance data card thing. How are the others? BSNL / Airtel ? (have long given up on Tata Indicom, bcoz they are equally pathetic).

    - Pravin, Bangalore

  • Pr
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    For now, I am moving to 650 Rs unlimited package. That way, atleast I know they wont charge me more than say 750 Rs (650 + service tax + whatever)..

  • Ma
      21st of Mar, 2009
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    I purchased reliance datacard four monts before. And it was clearly mentioned that the speed i will get will be 156 kbps and the downloading speed will be minimum 20kbps. And believe me the offer seems to be completely fraud as i never got the speed more than 20 kbps and forget about downloading. You have to wait at least 2 minutes for a page to open.

    I feel I have lost my money... can anyone help me out? How can I complain against this fraud policy? Advise smb! i want change new data card 3.1mbps, how to do

    my mail

  • As
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    Reliance data card has done big fraud to me as well, Continue problems regarding bills and speed given such bad experience that would never advice to go for any reliance products. No one listens but yes everyone has some format of policy which says we are no responsible .


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