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Reliable Security Systems Bogus Credit Reporting / Think twice, before you sign and agreement with Reliable Security Systems

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I had signed an agreement with Reliable Security Systems to provide ADT alarm service for my employer in January 2002. I was only a manager. On the day I was signing, the owners were not in the office and the sales Rep from Reliable Security Systems requested my social security number and assured me that it was just a standard procedure. I completed the agreement stupidly without reading. I was laid off from the company in April or May the same year. The company later relocated. Months after that I received a letter from a Collector hired by Reliable Security Systems requesting payment for contract termination on two locations. I called the collector and tried to convince them that it was not my company and I had no idea where the owners were but they didn’t care. I called the Reliable Security Systems and spoke to Robbie the manager at Reliable Security Systems, but she was sure that I was the President even though you can go on and see who owns what.

Bottom line is I realized I was going to loose so I agreed with the Collection company to pay on both accounts in order to preserve my credit. I made two payments of $750.00 each on the accounts to the collector and the bill was settled. This is in May 2003. There was nothing on my credit report relating to this item for the entire time. In May 2005 I was alerted by my Equifax credit watch that reliable security systems had added a negative item. I call Robbie and asked her what that was for and she said I owed her for one of the two accounts. I told her that was impossible as I had settled and made payment on both. As usual she was very aggressive and said I was lying and I had to pay. So now she is trying to collect from me twice on one account. I dug up two years of bank statement and found the processed copies of the checks that were deposited to her account and faxed them to her. Her response was, “well it is not in my account”. I had to call the collector and got them to say yes everything was paid as agreed and OK. In my conversation with Robbie she said, that is why we don’t use them anymore. She finally accepted that OK I had paid. The problem now is that she refuses to accept that I paid as agreed on this account. So now she reports a charged off item. I disputed it with her and Equifax three times and had to send a detailed letter to Equifax to force her to say the account is paid. She decides to report it as a paid charge off. That was August 2005, 2 years and 3 months after I paid her for an account that is not mine. I just realized (October 2006) that she is reporting on this account every month as an open account. So follow me people, this is a paid charge off account with a $0 balance according to her. The credit bureau will not say it is closed unless Robbie says so and she is vindictive and refuses to say it is closed. My Lawyers have written her letters and she just says I didn’t pay when I was supposed to. I am sure that I will eventually get her to take this thing off. Right now I am lucky that she only reports to Equifax. My other credit reports are almost perfect so that offsets her bad report except for situations where the company only uses Equifax to determine my credit score. The FTC is also investigating. I also found several complaints about this company on the, licenses section. They have resolved some of the complaints. You may want to check these things out before you use them.

Here is the situation, I accepted and paid a debt that wasn’t mine, and this lady has an open account for me which I have no idea how to end since she now says I don’t owe her. Looks like she is keeping it open just in case, maybe later in another two years she will try to collect from me again. I will keep my receipts forever.

Before you sign and agreement with Reliable Security Systems, think twice. Robbie is a law onto herself.

Thanks for Posting this complaint so that other people can be informed.


Reliable Security Audio and Video
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Bogus Credit Reporting

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