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Reliable Remodelers / Unreliable and thiefs

25-16 Francis Lewis Blvd.Flushing, NY, United States Review updated:
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Reliable Remodelers are a bunch of fakes who used to work for a company that was closed down by the government. They have a jazz up website, but that is not their work. Do not be confused about that. The photos they have on their site is nothing compare to what they did to my house. They left the job once they collected the money. They claimed they had electrical license as well as plumbing...NOT!!! Not only did they not finish they job, but they caused me thousands of dollars in damages. Starting from Electrical, Plumbing, Cheapest material possible and the list goes on and on. Do not feel that the sites such as Angie.com, Reliableemodeler.com, Magic.com and every other BS site that claims you can find what you want for your house on their list is reliable. IT IS NOT...There is no background check on any of the companies they claim to do background checks...Not The Case...Consumer be aware..That is how I found the so called Reliable Remodelers whose name should be changed to Un-Reliable Remodelers...The best way to find a company is through word of mouth. Also do yourself a favorite and first check if there are any compaints against the company. Reliable Remodelers claim to be number One with the BBB. Not true, they have complaints against them at BBB. Stay away from Reliable Remodelers or go broke. Their website is listed as .org, .com and the listings that claim they do a background check.


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  4th of Apr, 2009
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i Have used this company and so has my nebighor and i can only say good things about them they did a kitchen for me and my nebighors bathrrom and we are both super happy i dont knwo about them but i called bbb and consumer affairs and they have a excellent rating...
  1st of Apr, 2017
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@Gina Has anyone else received surprised visits from thugs after they complained to local government about this company?

I put up two pictures of the persons who persistently tried to gain entry into my home after I complained about not receiving a refund. I spoke to one of them unassumingly and they showed that they were able to obtain my family members names and addresses from public record sources.

The owner of this company seems to have several arrest records and at least one that I know of is for violence. Had I known that I wouldn't have hired these people.

I complained, two thugs show up at my home with a list of my family's names/addresses??? They lurk around my home for hours, harass the doorperson and won't go away until they trick me into opening the door.

What is their connection with Maey Holding Corp.?
Who is this Eddie Hilel that visited me at my home?
Why is Eddie Hilel also known as SADI (on his LinkedIn profile)?
Why do contractors have LinkedIN profiles? Is this an attempt to be professional???
Why does he spell his last name differently on different internet sources?
Is he a violent criminal? With a LinkedIn Profile to seem like a trustworthy and 'tame' person?
Why does he think that it's appropriate to come to people's houses and harass them like this?
Is my property safe from vandalism?
Are these people who came to my house hinting to me that they'll destroy my property?
Are they going to hurt or kill my family members?

Maey Holding Corp.
Eddie Hilel
Private Investor
561 Maple Street
Brooklyn, NY 11203
Cell 917-678-8606
Fax 347-405-5538

Is this even a real company? Why do you do business in an intimidating manner like this?
Don't come to my home!
  4th of Apr, 2009
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Call Consumer Affairs Are The BBB They Have an Excellent Rating no complaints So i dont know were this person comes up with this
  1st of Apr, 2017
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Why would you lurk around someone's house and ring their doorbell many, many, many times until they come to see you???

Why do you have a list of my family member's names and addresses???

I have no idea who the hell you are and why you are coming to my house???

What the heck is wrong with you ####???

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