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Reliable Listings Services a.k.a. Relevant Ads / Scam, Fraud, Liars

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Contact information:
Reliable Listings Services a.k.a. Relevant Ads
17284 Newhope Street Suite 100
Fountain Valley
Phone: 866-566-1308
Reliable Listing Services a.k.a. Relevant Ads Ads (http://reliablelisting.com, [protected]) is a SCAM and FRAUD! They cold called our business, lied to us about how quick we would appear on Google, when we would be billed, and said they would make a web site for us (its actually an ad profile page!). Then after paying them for 3 months and never once appearing on Google, I called to only be informed that Google has not accepted our ad and they would resubmit it now! No one there had done anything on our account, they never worked on it and lied to us the whole time, total Fraud, total Scam. Their manager Kerry will no longer accept my calls since I want to know what date Google said they didnt accept our ad! Put their name into Google search bar and see all of the Scam and Fraud blogs posted by clients that had been scammed like us! Stay clear of these SCAM ARTISITS!


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N  28th of Jan, 2009 by 
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I have had the same problem with reliable listing. The Dan Nelson told me to put up my feet his company would take care of all my needs to this date, I have no idea what kind ofadvertisment they have given me!! I am not on Goggle, Yahoo or MSN. Afetr they sign you up they will later email you with this time line of when you company will show up on Yahoo, Goggle and MSN. The timeline is not what the sale rep advise me!! I will never use this service again. Who are these people!!! A bunch of SCAM Artist!!
A  29th of Jan, 2009 by 
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Thank you for the message. We were just called a few minutes ago by Reliable Listings.com. They were not clear about what they did. Honestly it sounds like they are just buying Adwords for you. Either way, the guy claimed that they are a Google partner company which is totally false. I admit that the guy who called knew how to pronounce "SEO" which is a big plus over some of these foreign companies that call pronouncing it "SEE-O".

This is one company that didn't get scammed by them (Reliable Listings .com).
D  6th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Just an FYI, I have a few friends that work at Relevant Ads and Reliable Listing Services is not Relevant Ads. They are two different companies.

D  6th of May, 2009 by 
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Reliable Listing is a "Reseller" for Relevant Ads / Local Splash. They are completely separate entities. Many industries use "Resellers" as a sales channel option, and they are usually quite aggressive in bringing in sales. Unfortunately, depending on the reseller, their practices and methods of sales varies. Relevant Ads can only listen to client feedback and opt to choose a new reseller to represent the company if their impact effects the company negatively.

However, if you speak to a Relevant Ads direct sales representative your experience will be a good one.
A  14th of May, 2009 by 
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We had the same issues with Relevant Ads, total scam. To be honest I can't believe we fell for their scam, more over I can't believe Google grants them a reseller license. Google should know that they promise that they can buy adwords advertising cheaper, we actually stopped adwords after signing up with them, so google is actually loosing business.
A  22nd of May, 2009 by 
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I was called by them regarding getting a Google Local Listing. I already had a Google local listing for our local address, but wanted a listing for an area that we serviced, but did have an address. They said it was possible - they would set up a "service area" for the zone we wanted.

A few weeks later someone called to go over the details. She was trying to get us listed for our office address! I told her that I wanted a dfifferent area to be listed. She seemed confused, put me on hold, then came back and said she could do it.

It's now been over 60 days, still no local listing. I called them and they said " you cannot get a local listing unless you have an actual address there". Despite me be totally clear on what I wanted - they proceeded to take my $258 set up fee and bill me $199 a month later. When I called to cancel the guy said, "well, we have a no refund policy but you can try to call the sales dept". No thanks I will dispute the charge with American Express.

Also, during my initial phone call the sales guy said they would not accept Amex, but I held firm and and they accepted it. My feeling is that they do not like it because Amex is good about reversing charges.
D  29th of May, 2009 by 
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Business Owners please do your homework before handing your Credit Card to "telemarketers". If it seems too good to be true, then it is. I hate it that these people Reliable Listings are giving SEO and SEM firms a bad name. I did business with relevant ads sales people before. They sold me the product the right way and I got the results I wanted. It is better to pay 2000 in a complete package and get results that you want and that WILL work rather than pay 258 and get the basic package. Marketing is all about tailoring it to what works for your business but it is also expensive. More exposure = more expensive. Don't believe the lies that 258 gives you a whole lot. Try hiring someone to hand out fliers for a day. Moreover, please educate yourselves regarding SEM = Search Engine Marketing...it does work and it does bring the leads.

Business Owner.
N  5th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I feel like a complete idiot! I am usally pretty good at not getting scammed! I had someone contact me got me to leave another company that I was perfectly fine with. Told me a bnch of BS bascially and I DID NOT GET THAT SERVICE. I got 1 keyword for double the price I was paying for 10. I called to get money back he told me no way they did a service for me. "supposedly the main guy" was very smug told me basically tough oh well attitude. Found out finally they have changed names becasue of thier reputation is so bad. I have sent emails to several people at the company with no returns. DO NOT USE RELIABLE LISTINGS!!! I think they go by Biglocal or Ilocal now. HORRIBLE PEOPLE!!!

I was able to go to my bank and file fraud charges and got my money back!!! THANK YOU WACHOVIA!
N  11th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I was contacted by Relevant Ads earlier this week and after taking my time giving them my credit card number, I am sure glad that I decided to do a bit of research on them first. Let me say.. I have a decent background in Search Engine Optimization and have actually helped several small businesses gain exposure online. My intrigue in utilizing their services was that they basically assured me that they would be able to get a business venture of mine to the top of all of the major search engines despite the fact that my homepage would have no content/words on it (just a user login). Having a decent background in SEO this appeared to be a phenomenon and the $200 bucks it would take to figure out if it worked or not.. was pennies compared to the return it would provide if it did in fact work. It appears after a bit of research that this indeed is a scam, and if anybody tells you that they can get you to the top of Google or any other search engine within a matter of weeks... they are down right scamming you. Typical results by even some of the most savvy optimization firms/companies should take between 8-24 weeks. Fantastic try though Relevant Ads.. your sales reps said all the right things you almost had me... and heck.. I have an SEO background.
D  12th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I sell for the company in question and believe in the service I offer. I'd like to address some of the comments here from people who perceive Relevant Ads and its affiliates as a scam.

1. Relevant Ads did not change its name to Reliable Listing or iLocal. Relevant Ads has the technical department which performs the actual optimization service; Reliable Listing and iLocal (where I work) are affiliates and consist of salespeople who bring new customers to Relevant Ads.

2. I think highly of our customer service turnaround time. The overwhelming majority of sales reps I know (including myself) give our cellphone numbers to new clients so they can contact us as quickly and easily as possible with their concerns. I can recall only two of my clients calling me with an issue and both were resolved to their satisfaction the same day. I myself look up client information to actively follow-up with them. I recently looked up an account for a thirty-day follow-up, found a problem and sent him a follow-up e-mail with the problem already addressed without him having contacted me at all. If you want to sign up with me or ask me about the service call my cellphone at (949) 436-1317.

3. We do create free websites. The website is considered "two star" because it has four pages and includes:

*Hours of Operation
*Types of Payment Accepted
*Business Description
*Services Offered
*Contact Information
*Lead Generator

We don't create fancy websites because our specialty is the "local business showcase, " which appears front-and-center under many searches for local business types and attracts seventy percent of the transactions associated with the search. People tend to do business based on readily visible phone numbers on the local business showcase rather than websites. Therefore, a prominent Google listing is more important than an attractive website if a company does business with the general public.

4. The exact amount time it takes to get someone onto the front page of Google and other search engines varies based on the level of competition for the search phrase among other things. "Plumber in Nowhere KS" is easier to work with than "Plumber in Los Angeles." If someone promises a customer they'll appear on the front page and/or the local business showcase by a certain date and we don't deliver, that's our fault. Notwithstanding, Relevant Ads and its affiliates benefit from a patented process and the best SEO expert in the world, Steve Wiideman.

5. More expensive does not always equal more exposure. Local companies doing business with the general public should pursue the organic section far more than the sponsored or pay-per-click section. Organic and business showcase listings do not incur a per-click charge; that makes them far more cost-efficient than sponsored links. It takes work and technical competence to get to the top of the organic section in a large city, not simply the deepest pockets.

I included my cellphone number in this post but you can also call my desk at (888) 412-7889 ext. 5020
A  3rd of Aug, 2009 by 
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I just signed up with a company called IlocalSEM and they are the same people as Reliable Listings. They CHANGED THEIR NAME. THE SAME PEOPLE just tried to sell me the same thing. I was a customer with Reliable Listings back in June 2008 and had to cancel because they lied through their teeth about what I was getting. They called me again but this time as IlocalSEM. The same sales rep. called me, I recognized his voice. and when I asked for his name...it was the same guy. ILOCALSEM is reliable listings...

N  18th of Aug, 2009 by 
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D  23rd of Aug, 2009 by 
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Reliable Listing is a Reseller of Relevant Ads / Local Splash in Fountain Valley. Relevant Ads and Local Splash are the same company. Relevant Ads provides the service and Reliable Sells it. Relevant Supplies the time lines to get to the front page of Google, Yahoo and MSN. Reliable sells the client on the timelines and then if the client does not get to the top in those timelines, Relevant Ads is the one who needs to take responsibilty, But instead they do not, they use their resellers to bring in as many clients as they can on their their own expense with their brand name, then after Relevant or Local Splash do not do what they are supposed to for the client, they blame it on the reseller example Reliable Listing. Reliable Listing has no control of the Service to the client or the customer service. So when a client does not rank on the front page even after months and months, the customer service just blames it on the Reseller. 98% of Relevant Ad's Business depends on 2 main resellers Reliable Listing is 95%. Both just sell the same timelines. Relevant Ads and Local Splash are to blame for the bads service. Reliable Listing has nothing to do with the service. Reliable listing sells the product that comes from Relevant Ads. example, you area sales person for AT&T, You sell a phone to a client, then the client comes back and says it does not work. Who takes accountability for the service not working. AT&T or the sales person. Relevant Ads and Locals Splash need to straighten up there act or they will not have any more resellers therefore have any real company. Oh, by the way, Relevant Ads / local Splash talk about there sales devision in some of the prior posts. they have 2 sales guys that steal reseller clients out of customer service all day. They are also ex-employees of reliable Listing because relevant could not get any of there own people to sell their product. Also, about half of the post done above are from Relevant Ads employees, they get paid top answer these all day long to try to keep relevant ads name in good standing. I say they should take that money and actually perform the service. What do you say? If Reliable Listing could send the clients to a better SEO company they would, but Relevant's contract restrict them from doing so. If they leave, they lose all of the money coming in on billing clients. Thousands of billing clients. They are stuck...
A  12th of Sep, 2009 by 
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Sue this company for violation of national "Do-Not-Call-list", Scam and Misleading advertising!
They messed up one of their many names and now they renamed this scam. Just like NOS in Las Vegas did so many times. Why don't you guy cut the chase and name yourselves for what you really are - "DOUCHEBAGS"
Down with IlocalSEM.com scammers and rip-off telemarketers.
IlocalSEM.com sucks.
IlocalSEM.com blows.
IlocalSEM.com scam.
IlocalSEM.com is a scam.
IlocalSEM.com bad reviews.
IlocalSEM.com reviews.
------So, you see IlocalSEM.com, I have just optimized this post for all your targeted keywords, you f'n' losers. How is that? At least it shows up better in Search Engines than your own IlocalSEM.com scam company website, and it's free of charge. S u c k on this, Bi tches!
A  12th of Sep, 2009 by 
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Where is FBI? I would not be surprised that these losers come from NOS in Vegas.
Prison term for these as s holes is just a short time away.
N  16th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I think i just received a call a from a local splash is that the same as ILOCALSEM??? Because it sounded like the same guys and pitch and when i called back Relvant ADS answered and that sounds like the same people from ILOCALSEM and they ripped me off and so did reliable listing and then i realized that Ilocal is reliable listing and they all use Relvant ads im looking for a new company to use but if splash local is ilocal nooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy they took my money and i never even got 1 call ILOCAL AKA RELIABLE LISTING IS A COMPLETE RIP OFFFFFFFFFFFFFF dont use them
A  16th of Sep, 2009 by 
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A  24th of Sep, 2009 by 
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If you get repeat calls from these losers, keep the numbers on your caller ID, call the police and file a Police Report. You can use it later to press charges fro harassment.
I have received 8 calls 1 to 1/2 hours apart from them. Never left a message. I was driving when several of them came in causing me to get extremely upset
and almost getting in a car accident with my wife on board. If there is anyone who experienced the same problem, let's get in touch. I have a proof of the calls in my phone log.
N  25th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I agree with every complaint I read. Nobody answers to receive my termination so they can still ding my bank account. THEY DO NOT DELIVER!!! Wish I had read these reviews before getting mixed up with these scammers. There ought to be a law.
A  25th of Sep, 2009 by 
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These guys are criminals. They do not return calls, communicate, charge exorbitantly, were late, did not fulfill any of their promises, misspelled my name and website and email address. They should be put out of business.

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