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If you own a small business stay away from this company. When they cold call you, you need to hang up. I leased two trucks through Balboa Capital in 2012 for four years. the lease came to term 7/31/2016. In November of 2015 we notified Balboa by Certified Letter our intent not to keep the trucks after the comes to lease term and what the steps are to return the vehicles after the lease is up. They acknowledge the certified letter by signing for it, but Balboa never gave us instruction about what to do with the trucks. The reason is this in our contract Article 6 states that we have to notify them within 270 days before term, we notified them within 290 days. Therefore, they are telling me now that I have to keep the vehicles and pay another 16k+ for another year because, I didn't notify them within the 270 day period. Instead I notified them too soon???

I understand now why they would not tell us what the steps are to return the trucks. They intend to set their customers up to pay more money. When we called Balboa customer service after they are received are letter of intent in 11/2015 they said, someone will call you back to give instructions. It never happened. Fortunately, my office manager documented every phone call with who she spoke with, in addition to the memorialized e-mails and letters. How Balboa is BBB A+ rated is surreal, read the other reviews posted outside of Yelp you will see how Balboa has a common thread of ripping the business consumer off with their shady practices. We will open up a complaint with the BBB (for what it is worth) already retained an attorney, and we will be contacting one or more of the local news agencies who have an investigative unit, so this company Balboa Capital can be exposed in how they rip a business off. The reason Balboa has terrible customer service and what seems like a lack of follow up on phone calls and letter correspondence is because they intentionally put their customers in a position that I am in right now.

Scott R.

Aug 12, 2016

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